About Moviestar Makeovers

Moviestar Makeovers (MOM) is partnered with Taqtik Health, cross-border health pioneer and creator of leading brands like Gorgeous Getaways. MOM leverages the global health buying power, technology, and established processes of Taqtik Health to offer high-quality, affordable, full service packages in all destinations.

Membership and Incentives

MOM offers memberships from free to premium plans that  rewards members even more for activity and sharing on their website and social media channels. By partnering with industry pioneer Taqtik Health we leverage the companies relationships with superior, internationally recognized surgeons, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.

Taqtik’s long-standing relationships with providers and technology innovations give MOM several advantages that we share with our members – including full-service packages to great locations for excellent value. Our partnerhip with Taqtik with more than 35,000 subscribers, thousands of testimonials, and numerous case studies, allows us to leverage superior customer care and processes that manage complex international and cross-border health.

Welcome to Moviestar Makeovers. We invite you to share the journey with us!

3 simple reasons to travel with Moviestar Makeovers (MOM)

High Quality – Our experienced team has reviewed and screened the credentials of the doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers to ensure that they meet international standards and clinical best practices. We look for doctors, dentists and surgeons who have experience in the procedures and treatments that are in demand. Many, if not most, of the doctors are internationally trained and pride themselves on keeping their skills up to date with the latest technology, techniques and trends.
Rest and recovery – Traveling for cosmetic, health and wellness, and anti-aging procedures allows you to focus on yourself, away from the numerous distractions and demands on your time that you deal with every day. By receiving your services away from home, you have the privacy and relaxation you need to help you recovery quickly, refreshed and renewed before returning home.
Great Service – Whether appreciating the personalized care delivered by the healthcare providers available to you through Moviestar Makeovers or enjoying the wonder services delivered by our team, pamper yourself. Our team is ready to help you every step of the way – before you depart, while you are in country and after you return home.
Of course, one of the main reasons that people travel with us is the great value. We offer affordable treatments – the fantastic exchange rates, no taxes and lower prices makes cosmetic surgery, dental and optical extremely affordable. For the price of a treatment at home, you can get a wonderful tropical holiday as well. Feeling your best as well as looking the best you ever have is now in easy reach.

No other operator can offer such a combination of great value, high quality and services.

Our goal is to make cosmetic surgery affordable and accessible to everyone, and combine this with a range of packages so you can look and feel your best, and make the most of your natural beauty.

Our clients have different needs, but all the same goals. Maybe they have physical blemishes weighing down their self-confidence, or they want to look as young as they feel inside, or they just want to shine for a special occasion. Whatever your reason, the goal is the same – to reveal your true self, to make you the best you can be, to renew your energy and spirit and to live your dreams.

Our clients range from the young – to gain confidence and inner beauty – to the mature person – to revive body and soul and shine once again.

Women, as well as men seek our excellent experience and services, and all are looking for privacy and a holiday to relax to get the maximum results at a much cheaper price than they would pay at home.

We cater for all countries, all nationalities. Typically, our market is the countries where cosmetic surgery is expensive – including Australia and New Zealand, UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East – as well as closer countries, including Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.

The difference is in our service. We pride ourselves in providing the most professional and experienced hospitals and surgeons, and have a network of other professionals to provide other beauty and pampering packages.

We provide all the arrangements and services so you don’t have to do anything. From all pre-surgery advice and consultation, to transfers and representation at the hospital and hotel, we will be there to assist you.

Come home with a renewed glow and confidence you never thought was possible!

Put simply: our care and attention, the highest qualified surgeons and a beautiful, private location is the formula you need to get the best results for a wonderful new you.

Considering cosmetic surgery? View our packages which can be tailored to what you want, or enquire now- let us know what you are considering and we will get back to you with more information and a quote.