We provide the following complimentary services to all our clients booking through Moviestar Makeovers.  Our global contact center ensures you have access to 24×7 support before, during, and after you return home.


A FirmQuote™ – Firmquotes™ for your particular procedures and packages which includes arranging communication between you and your surgeon, getting feedback from surgeons from your photos and providing you these details. Your price will be fixed with no surprises, unless you decide to make last minute changes.  Any last minute changes can easily be arranged by your service manager even after you arrive.


Budgetary Quotes – We provide budgetary quotes for all our destination on the website for all standard and non-standard procedures Video Consultation – Arrangement for teleconferencing (if available) or a telephone call between you and your surgeon


Complimentary airport transfers to/from the airport to your hotel in a private vehicle


Dedicated customer service manager who assists you throughout your medical holiday, including attending your consultations, assists with admission and discharge and other formalities with the hospital, and visit you in hospital and your hotel room.


Experienced Consultants – Providing you with a personal GG consultant and bookings manager who will follow through from quote to booking. Giving you comprehensive information on your treatment, surgeon and hospital: including our eBook, customized itinerary and more


Flexible Payment and Financing Options – Flexible payment arrangements and financing including secure prepayment or pay in advance (PAI), or Pay on arrival (POA). For POA, you do not have to pay any deposits for your surgery. Once you have met your surgeon and have agreed on the procedures, you then pay direct to the hospital. This is low risk and for your ease of mind.


GG References: We give you access to past numbers of patients you can call in your city or country and access to case studies, and a large collection of before and after photos.


Hospital Coordination and Administration –  We undertake all hospital administration procedures to make it as stress-free when you arrive, including, bookings for consultations, surgery and non-surgical dates


Itinerary (customized) –  Once we receive your booking form and confirm your appointment with our partners, our centralized destination team will provide you with a customized itinerary confirming dates, and arrivals details.


Join Your Friends – Bring a Friend and Save – We do not charge any extra for a partner to travel with you for your accommodation or transfers.


Knowledge – We have been a pioneer of cosmetic surgery holidays since 2003. Which means we have have a lot of knowledge to share with you about procedures, partners, process, and optimal recovery.  Most of GG staff are all former patients.


Local Full-time Employees (not contractors) – All our local GG ground team who provides your pre and post operative care are full time employees, not contractors.  We have on average between 20 full and part time employees, ensuring complete support, privacy and care.


Multiple Procedures – We specialize in mutliple and complex procedures. Working with only the very best surgeons that are capable of performing multi body and face surgeries.


Nursing staff – After discharge you will have a GG nurse visit you at your hotel to assist and change your dressings for the first 3 days


Optimal Recovery – For optimal recovery and peace of mind – your dedicated customer service manager will work you you throughout your entire journey. –  They will contact you before you arrive, introduce themselves and start preparing you for your upcoming trip.  When you arrive they will visit you at your hotel, review your itinerary, and go through your upcoming appointment time. They will also contact you daily after discharge, and are available for any requirement you have eg. To collect medications, collect your shopping if weak


Promotions – We work with many of our partners and service providers to offer and extend many value based promotions throughout the year and extend these to you as they become available.


Quality – We work with our surgeons and partners to provide hi-quality surgical outcomes only achieved with a high-quality team and streamlined and efficient processes.


Resources – we have the skilled resources in the right roles to make sure your journey is reinforced with a positive and proactive team.


Service Arrangements (Xtra) – We can offer and assist you to other consultations as you wish, including non-surgical skin, LASIK, dentistry, beauty and pampering.


Tours and Sightseeing – If requested, we offer and can arrange for sightseeing, tours, excursions and shopping trips for individuals or a number of clients (to be paid extra by the patient). We provide a weekly update of tours available as a group.


Unified – Our goal is create a truly unbelievable experiences that surpasses your expectations.  This is delivered by having both a unified consulting team (before booking) working closely with our ground staff to complete a truly unified experience.


Video Consultation & Surgeon Follow-up when you return home. We arrange any follow up needed between you and your surgeon, if you have questions once you return home


Welcome Home Kit – After returning home, we will send you your before / after photos and keep in touch via email to makes sure we are hear to support you even after you return home.


(X) Extras – We make special arrangements with our hotels to provide additional services like room service, quieter rooms, laundry and bedding services. We can provide you with discounts on accommodation for your return visit. We also do arrange weekly events, including a complimentary lunch at a local restaurant, for you to meet other clients and share stories


Your Security – We are IT and security experts making sure your information is kept, private, safe and secutre re in our priv


 ZEN – All of our destinations are chosen for their calm quality and culture.  Ensuring you can recover in a relaxed environment for optimal recovery.