Price Match Guarantee

NOTE: if you find a price cheaper than our price, with our existing partners, we guarantee to match it!

No Service Fees!

Moviestar Makeovers Price Match Guarantee

You want to get the best price, and we agree.  All our pricing is the same pricing as you would see advertised by the hospitals or lower. We do not add any additional commission or hidden fees for our services, procedures, or packages. Hospital pricing is often regulated by law in each country to meet both local and foreign patients. This means hospital price lists needs to be approved in advance with little flexibility.

We run promotions that are cheaper than going directly, so we can always get you the best pricing. We will guarantee to match or beat any comparative price, just send in a competitive price and we will match it. Price, however not be your main consideration when making such an important decision about your health.

Price Match is only applicable to any current partner or destination that we currently operate in.  This is due to our knowledge of the high-quality skills of existing partners, long-term relationships and excellent client feedback.

For more information about our “Price Match Policy” or any issues pertaining to the quality of the clinical or customer service you receive from us, please contact your Moviestar Makeovers representative.