What We Have to Offer – Why Travel With Us?

Originally starting in Australia, Moviestar Makeovers was the first and is now the largest independent global operator of plastic surgery holidays. We provide a unique service, giving clients clear, impartial, unbiased advice of where and who to go to for affordable, quality plastic surgery, optical and dentistry treatments.

Over the past years, we have scoured the world to select the right hospitals and surgeons that provide the unique and wonderful formula of world-class quality and international certifications with affordable treatments.

We have interviewed just about every surgeon and been to every hospital and clinic in our listed destinations.  As we found, this formula is very difficult to find;  often the best hospitals and surgeons are not advertised, or nor do they have websites, as they don’t need to, they are busy enough just through word of mouth.

As we found out through our research, the marketing hype of advertising or websites doesn’t mean that hospitals or surgeons are better, and it is often the case that this is a smokescreen for disreputable clinics, who are trying to cash in on the plastic surgery boom.

Superior Quality and Service

We have selected the most experienced and qualified hospitals and surgeons to offer you the same level of quality you would expect at home:

The surgeons have had from 10 to 20 years’ experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  All are qualified members of Medical boards in their countries, which have similar level of standards for membership as many of the western surgical boards.

Most of the hospitals we recommend are ISO 9001 accredited – which represents the international standard for quality assurance. This is equivalent to the same level of dependable quality in Western countries, including the UK, US New Zealand and Australia.


Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people of all races and ages undertaking treatments to improve appearance and confidence.  At the same time, technology, treatments and standards are improving dramatically. However, cosmetic surgery is still out of reach for many people because of the high prices.

Moviestar Makeovers is the PIONEER of cosmetic surgery holidays, and is the FIRST truly independent operator. We are not aligned to any one hospital or surgeon, so we only offer the best quality standards at all times.  We have carried out extensive research to find the leading facilities at reasonable prices.

In essence, treatments overseas are far less expensive than at home, with the same expertise and results you would expect from surgeons at home. There are many economic factors that have produced such a great price difference, including low cost of living and low taxes, and a great exchange rate.

It is important to note that we are not a cut-price operator, and we will never sacrifice quality for low price. We never lose sight that quality is the most important aspect of any treatment, and we have access to world-class surgeons, specialists and hospitals.

Low price does not infer low quality – it is simply the economic conditions that mean great prices for you.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Many clients choose us because of the privacy they do not get from procedures at home. The ability to rest and recuperate in a private, beautiful environment with complete anonymity will give you a far better result.

Furthermore, results will be maximized through a range of other programs, and therefore you go home looking and feeling better in every aspect – no one need know the details of any operation. We treat all our clients in strict confidence, and will not release details to anyone.

Cosmetic Holiday

We focus on refreshing and restoring the body and spirit with personal beauty packages, including the highest quality cosmetic surgery procedures, alongside complementary treatments, including dentistry, optical, beauty and pampering packages that assures you will return home with an inner sparkle and renewed energy for life.

Our packages and services will give you a new energy and confidence, which comes from both inside and outside changes. Our philosophy is to care for the whole mind, body and spirit, to endeavor you go home not only looking your best ever, but also feeling your best ever.

Therefore, we have devised programs that will energize the body, nourish the soul and invigorate the senses. Altogether it will give you the wellness and renewed energy that you have not felt for years.

Extensive Range of Procedures and Packages

We offer the complete range of non-surgical treatments, dentistry, optical, facial and body treatments

Some of the non-surgical treatments include:
  • Laser resurfacing and chemical peels to diminish wrinkles, and reduce pigmentation of the skin to give a younger, fresher appearance
  • Thermage – known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’
  • Permanent hair removal – this is effective on all areas of the body
  • Body wraps and massages – this works on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the body, which can be extremely beneficial after surgery

We work independently, partnering with the most experienced specialists and clinics for different treatments. So, if you want a specific treatment in any area, please ask!

Care and Attention

Our dedicated attention to you at all stages of your travel and surgery ensures you get the results you expect as well as having a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

Our representatives at home and in your preferred destination take care of everything, from travel, accommodation and hospital procedures, so you can concentrate on relaxing and having a great holiday. We are available at all times for anything you require, and our great relationships with the hospitals ensures you get professional and priority service.

Many clinics at home send you home the same day of your surgical procedure, leaving you exposed to the same stresses and commitments when you are still healing and recuperating and are not ready.  Stress is a major factor of complications and problems.  Furthermore, many surgeons do not offer follow-up examination and advice. This may promote complications and problems, which will not be addressed until too late.

Instead, our policy is to examine and look after you every step of the way, while giving you the time and ability to relax and focus on yourself. We take care of you to help maximize your results.

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