After many months of enduring the pandemic travel restrictions, the travel industry around the world has been busy working on and a return to normalcy, with borders reopening, the creation of travel bubbles, and easing quarantine requirements. However, one amazing destination that is still on many travel-wishlist is Thailand, which was one of the first countries in the world affected by covid19, and has been extremely cautious about receiving international visitors.

Here is what you need to know:

Entry requirements for tourists from all countries:

  • *Approved STV Visa This is a 90-day visa for long-stay tourists launched as a requirement last September 2020. Once approved, then travelers can apply for the certificate of entry (COE).
  • Approved COE
  • Proof of payment for 90 day accommodation booking
  • Copy of recent bank statement ($700 per person and $1,500 per family). For a family bank statement, proof of relationship must be provided.
  • 14 day ‘state quarantine’ upon arrival
  • Medical Insurance covering covid19 with at least $ 100,000 USD in coverage foe the entire duration
  • Proof of alternate state quarantine reservation
  • Medical Tourists: May enter Thailand upon receiving a “International Flight Permit” from the Thai Embassy in their home country. A letter of acceptance from a Thai Doctor is to be submitted when applying.
  • Proof of a negative covid19 PCR swab test taken within 72 hours prior to flight
  • A pre-screening health declaration card filled out before departure
  • The wearing of masks mandatory on in-bound flights and in the airport
  • Practice social distancing (1.5 mts)
  • Thermal scans and temperature checks upon arrival
  • Download of the country’s mobile tracing application upon arrival.

Are there flights to Thailand now?

Yes. There are international and domestic flights available,

Phuket Pilot Program

Phuket is scheduled to open borders on Spring 2021, which will act as a pilot program for the rest of the country.

Can I ask for a Firmquote ?

Yes. We are receiving firmquote requests.  But, if you are planning to travel in the next couple of months, we stongly recommend to choose Dominican Republic,  Mexico, or Turkey which are open for international visitors, with no restrictions, since last June, 2020.

For more information, just leave me a note or write to me directly at [email protected]

*Some countries are excempt of STV visa, such as Canada, USA, UK, Australia and NZ among others.