Anita’s Journey started when she contacted us because of her interest in having cosmetic surgery done in Cancun, MX.  However, the logistics worked better for her to go to Guadalajara, MX, so I recommended Dr. Ruben Agredano, who is one of the best surgeons in the country.  She accepted to have a teleconsultation with him and right after that, Anita was convinced that he was the right surgeon, capable of addressing her concerns and caring about her expectations, so she decided to book immediately.

Dr. Ruben Agredano

Dr. Ruben Agredano’s practice is based on high quality results and safety as a priority of safety. He is LGBT friendly and is also specialized in Feminization and Masculinization surgeries. His carreer started in Guadalajara and since then he has become a master in cosmetic surgery, triple board certified in Mexico by CMCPER, AMCPER, and USA by ASPS, ISAPS and IPRAS, and he is also a Professor at the Jalisco Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Institute and, Academy Member of the School of Medicine at Guadalajara’s University.

Innovare Hospital

Anita booked her surgery, and had several procedures done at Innovare Hospital, which is is considered the crown jewel in the field of cosmetic surgery in Latin America.  Its vanguard style combines both art and functionality to offer comfortable spaces to perform high-quality procedures. Definitely a state-of-the-art-facility which guarantees safety every step of the way with the new normal protocols in Guadalajara, MX.

Guadalajara, MX

This beautiful destination has become over the years, one of the favorite cities of medical travelers.  With its perfect warm weather roses all along the main hightways, delicious mexican food and on top of that, mariachi and tequila, makes it perfect to have your cosmetic surgery done. And on top of that, you have the Ruby Recovery Home where you will be cared and pampered every step of the way !

All In-One-Accommodations Package

Anita also booked her All-In-One-Package which includes accommodations at the Recovery Home, trasportation to/from airport, hospital, home, all meals, 24/7 medical and staff surveillance, and complimentary mani-pedi before departure.  Needless to say, Hektor and Miguel, are the best hosts ever ! Anita was so impressed with the level of service and so happy to make new friends !  Dr. Agredano, and his team at Ruby Recovery Home definitely exceed expectations.

And now it is time for you to meet Anita in our video:

Anita’s Journey in Guadalajara, MX


Telemedicine is a very practical way to have your Surgeon’s consultation right at home, whether it is using your computer, laptop or smart phone.   This is a new way for you to know your Cosmetic Surgeon’s opinion about your case, as well as their recommendations of what is the best for you.  It is fun, it is interesting and it can only take 20 mins.  You can also request your taylor-made Firmquote by filling in your medical history and uploading your photos in order for our Surgeons to assess your case.