Procedure: Gender Reassignment Surgery, Breast Implants. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Dr Sanguan

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After many years of considering the procedure, April decided it was time to take the plunge and travel to Phuket for Gender Reassignment Surgery with Dr Sanguan. With her mother along for support, April embarked on one of the most psychologically and physically challenging journeys of her life.

The recovery from Gender Reassignment Surgery is a long one, and April’s is not over yet. We capture the first stage of her journey here, and will update her case study along the way…

Back home in Sydney April talks about why it took this long to commit to the procedure. She explains that it took longer than it would now, with all the resources and knowledge available.

And as for the procedure itself, her experience with Dr Sanguan was excellent.

“Dr Sanguan is a fantastic, you wouldn’t find a doctor, let alone a surgeon like that in Sydney. He’s just the nicest man you’ve ever get and gives you honest opinions. He was always available”.

Breakfast with Amber_171217_photo

Breakfast in Phuket with Client Consultant Victoria


Her accommodation at the Duangjitt Open Resort in Patong was everything you would imagine a tropical holiday to be. With immaculate gardens, a phenomenal swimming pool and no traffic noise- which is rare in the middle of Patong!

After the surgery, although aesthetically not drastically different, she’s standing taller, and everything seems a bit tighter and trimmer having lost a fair bit of weight while in Phuket.

“The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute was fantastic, it’s beautiful, the staff are lovely they treat you like royalty. I’m happy with the outcome, I couldn’t have asked for anything more”.




The healing process after Gender Reassignment is not over for April, and we will check in with her again soon!


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