It seems ages since we first posted about COVID-19 on January 28th, 2020. Back then, none of us could have imagined the impact this would have on all our lives in the months to come.  While bookings were paused or rescheduled, we have been fortunate to have such an amazing community and our inquiries have tripled in the past few months.

Our Global Health Workforce

Our Global Health Workforce consists of professionals from over 12 countries, assembled to manage the requirements ahead for Medical Travelers.  Every week, our team zooms into a meeting via our telehealth platform and carefully assess the impact of the pandemic.

  • Pandemic Advisor– Our Impact Advisor Benny in Singapore, gives us the latest update on the current travel restrictions in each country we operate in. What stage each country is at, and what the predictions are to start accepting medical travelers.
  • Destination Managers– Destination managers meet regularly with each healthcare provider in their assigned destinations to gather and update their patient safety protocols for international patients and determine anticipated opening dates
  • Patient Navigators – Our patient navigators continue to answer daily inquiries, prepare quotes, and manage any logistics or scheduling around member inquiries
  • Marketing Team – Marketing prepares and updates all patient booking information, guidelines, and new protocols to ensure anyone planning a medical holiday is kept as updated as possible, before, during and after their medical journey begins

Smart and Safety Protocols

The world has found its way through the pandemic and governments have set in motion some programs that are fully operating in order to ensure your safety at all times. Smart and Safety protocols need to be followed to the letter by all of us to guarantee that we are part of the solution while doing everything we can to stop the spread of the virus.

 Are You Ready to Travel?

As we encourage everyone to consider traveling soon, we also highlight the importance of completing your firmquote request with your medical history and photos.  We are anticípating a high demand for current backlogged bookings, so this is the right time to contact us via Facebook, email, etc.  Or simply reply to your welcome letters and our Patient Navigators and Destination Managers will be happy to assist you.