These are challenging times for everyone, but important to stay positive in the current situation.  So until the global situation improves why not dream of a beauty vacation in Thailand – what could be better?

You decided to change your life, you know exactly what you want, but where to go? Let me help you with choosing the beauty direction because I know something about this being in plastic surgery for about 5 years.

Let me introduce myself – Victoria Pakhomova – your Thailand destination manager. You will be thinking that I have quite a strange name for a Thai lady and you will be right! I am Russian and moved with my family to Thailand in 2013. We consider ourselves to be “climatical immigrants” and it was love at first sight with this country. When I first joined the Moviestar Makeovers team I worked as a customer service manager, thus I have a huge collection of client’s feedback.

Let’s talk about top plastic surgeons!

So, first and the most important: the quality of surgical procedures is world-recognized due to the long experience in the plastic surgery area. Thailand is known to be tolerant of the so “called third sex” and gender reassignment, breast augmentation, and face improvement procedures are highly demanded and performed here for ages. I personally know the surgeon with 50 years’ experience in esthetic surgery. Doctors are graduating from Thailand Medical Universities and have wide experience sharing practice in the USA, Korea, Europe, etc, participating conferences, working out their own effective techniques, developing science in this area. By the way, all the doctors are speaking English fluently – no language barrier.

First-class facilities and modern equipment

Advantage number two – first-class facilities and modern equipment. 90% of our clients from Australia and New Zealand tell that it is the best hospital they had ever seen in their life. The barbershops in LA have the reminiscent of the olden days where even dentistry was done. Large private patient rooms, always clean and fully equipped with everything needed, personal bathroom with complimentary amenities.

Positive and caring teams

Another nickname of Thailand is the country of smiles, which means that you get a positive attitude of nursing and coordinators staff, caring and open heart approach. Holding the hand if you are nervous, looking in the eyes with open heard are quite common here, but on the other hand, your privacy is always a huge priority.

Great value for money

Of course, the price-quality balance is great – it is much cheaper than the same procedure in the USA, Australia, Korea, etc. Thus Thailand’s destination is so popular for plastic surgery medical travel.

Amazing food and more!

Apart from all already mentioned, Thailand is famous for its cuisine. Thai’s fit spicy, sour, salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy and slippery into one dish and is treated as a culinary leader with such countries as Italy, France, China, India, Mexico, etc. Even for 1-1.5 USD, you can eat delicious dishes from the street food menu. Tom Yum Gung, Pad Thai, Papaya salad, fresh fish and seafood cooked in 20 or more styles… Massaman curry – topped CNN travel list of the world’s 50 most delicious foods. Fresh exotic fruits are full of vitamins all year long…MMM… You have to try!  Also5 star hotels in Bangkok and Phuket, warm sea, beautiful beaches, sunny weather making your healing process quicker. And the other thing I have to mention – Thai massage! An unforgettable experience for you and your partner.

So yes, the current situation is a challenge for everyone, but in the meantime, we can dream, do our research, request a firmquote from a surgeon or even book a teleconsultation. 

Do you still have any doubts about a great destination to update yourself? If so please share them with me via email at [email protected] or in the comments section below.

Stay safe!

Due to current travel restrictions in place for international arrivals and departure as well as patient acceptance with most of our service providers we are currently not accepting bookings.  However we are open, fully staffed and able to answer questions, provide quotations, and setup teleconsultations with many of our surgeons and partner hospitals.  If you have questions please feel to contact one of patient navigators, destination managers or email us at [email protected].  From our staff to you and your families stay safe, and we look forward to brighter times ahead.