Profession:Marketing Manager
Procedures:Breast Augmentation & Abdominoplasty

Background – I have thought about plastic surgery for several years & started to seriously look into my options 12 months ago. I have probably wanted to have a Breast Augmentation since I was a teenager but more so since I gave birth to 3 very large boys. I did a lot of research on the internet & spoke with family members who had also had surgery overseas. The quotes I received for surgery in Australia were up to $30000 which was well beyond my budget.

Decision – I had talked about having plastic surgery for so long & considering I have finished having children & I’m 35 years old that now was the time to do it. I have always been a very small B cup & lost a lot of volume from breast feeding. I didn’t have a large stomach but it was shriveled up from stretch marks. My Stomach was destroyed from carrying twins & I really hated it. I decided to go with Moviestar Makeovers mainly because I had heard more about them than other companies. They seemed to have a good reputation & I knew people who had had surgery through GG & were happy with the experience.

Your first impressions upon arrival and your surgery – I was immediately surprised & impressed by my Hotel. It was far better than I had imagined. The GG Staff were very thorough & helpful. The Hospital was amazing. It was 5 star. I had a lovely room that was very comfortable. The Nursing Staff were fantastic & took such good care of me. Dr Nasir was excellent & gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision on what I wanted. He explained everything in detail & I was very confident in his abilities. I was extremely nervous before the surgery & the Nurses were very kind & reassuring. I felt surprisingly good after the surgery. My pain was managed very well. I had a late surgery so I stayed 3 nights before being discharged.

Recovery & Holiday – I was showered with help in the hospital the day after the surgery. I was able to get up & walk around unassisted on the second day. I travelled by myself so back atthe Hotel I was fairly mobile because I had to be. I left the Hotel for a couple of hours 6 days after surgery. A week after the surgery I did a day tour with some other GG clients. I stayed 2 weeks in total & spent the second week shopping. I found getting around Kuala Lumpur very easy. The GG staff were great in recommending places to go & organising activities for us.

New & positive life changes – I am now 3 weeks post op & I am wearing my compression garments. My stomach has healed up wonderfully & the scar looks better everyday. I am still quite tender but I have resumed most of my daily activities. I am thrilled with my Breasts. I am very happy with the size & shape. I am looking forward to getting out of the compression garments & shopping for new clothes. It’s so nice to be able to fill out a dress without wearing a padded bra.

Recommendations – I highly recommend the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. Dr Nasir was very professional & accommodating. I definitely recommend wearing the compression garments. My swelling went down significantly in the third week. Don’t take all your credit & bank cards out with you & keep your bag close to you at all times. Going through GG made the whole process so easy. They took care of everything & were very happy to assist in anyway. I have recommended GG to others. I am so happy with the whole experience & so glad I made the decision to just do it!