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Profession:Registered Nurse
Procedures:Lower face lift, neck lift, upper and lower eyelids, hip to hip tummy tuck

Background: I had a facelift nine years ago and had lost weight since then and the skin had sagged in both my face and tummy. My appearance bothered me and I wanted to tidy up. I had the means to pay for surgery myself and travelled alone.

Decision: I knew about Gorgeous Getaway from nine years ago when I was pricing a facelift. Naturally I had it done in Brisbane as there was a clinic in the middle of Brisbane then. I had twilight anaesthesia and was sent home two hours after I woke up. There was an issue with pain overnight and I had no resources to help except with cold packs. The doctor had flown back to Melbourne that day after surgery and I called the nurse who said to buy some strong pain killers. A very large haematoma developed on my left side of my face and the doctor was not on hand to drain it. The nurse in the clinic said she forgot to tell me to sit up and not put pressure on my face. There also had to be a redo of surgery as the doctor left fat in my face where it was to be liposuctioned. I thought I would choose Gorgeous Getaway as it had safety measures installed with regular check-ups from a representative. And I felt this was important due to my previous experiences.

Your first impressions upon arrival and your surgery: The hospital is grand and luxuriously appointed. The theatre staff are just like at home. I stayed in hospital for three nights. One night being pre surgery and went home after the two nights and had someone stay with me for two nights as I was alone.

Recovery: I was up walking about maybe the second day after out of hospital when the extra care assistant took me for a walk. That was up to the shops but the next day I decided to use the treadmill in the gym and do half an hour a day slow pace until I thought I could walk about outside at a decent pace.

New and positive life changes: I feel good in myself. My life hasn’t changed all that much. I get looks from people who have seen me in the local neighbourhood but other than that life is pretty the same. I did buy new clothes in Kuala Lumpur and they are skin hugging clothes. I gave my baggy blouses to my mum.

Recommendations: Choose your surgeon carefully. Dr Nasir does a package deal and that is why I chose him so I may have all the procedures done at once and for a package price. If you look at my before and after photos you can judge for yourself.