Beverly Wilshire Medical Center is now accepting pre-bookings and an amazing offer.  

Special Promotion for Cosmetic Surgery through Moviestar Makeovers – Malaysia
  1. All Ala Carte Surgery (except Breast & Buttock Augmentation) – 25% BWMC Discount + 5% GG Discount = max 30% discount. Single procedures.
  2. Breast & Buttock Augmentation (with implant)  – 20% BWMC Discount + 5% GG Discount = 25% Discount
  3. Existing All Surgery Package (except for BA+Lift)  – 10% Discount + 5% GG Discount = 15% discount


Members with Completed Medicals

If you have already completed your medical information and received a quote within the last year all you have to do is to tentatively pre-book your surgery date anytime between 1st  May to 31st December before the 15th of April, 2020. No deposit is required.


Members with Not- Completed Medicals

If you have not completed a medical, please complete a firmquote request here. This will ensure you are suitable for the procedure(s), get surgeon feedback, and confirm your price. This is HIPAA compliant and completely secure.  All information is only shared with your surgeon. Please make sure you upload photos as per the guidelines.

This is a one-time offer only to manage surgeon capacity and availability following the ease of travel restrictions.

For more information, pricing, and quotes please contact: [email protected]

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