Procedures: Full Facelift, Thigh Lift and Extended Tummy Tuck
Cost of holiday: Approximately $14,000 inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 20 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $40,000+

Brenda is over the moon with her results and is so glad she ditched the convertible idea.









This is her story:

Makeover or convertible? 
I have always been a big girl and have hated my overhanging tummy area, even as a teenager. As I got older I started to consider surgery but could never have afforded or justified the expense here in Australia with a mortgage and kids to support etc.

Then once I turned 50, I started to have my midlife crisis attacks and bought a convertible, a wombat ended that little dream car and the insurance money was just sitting there waiting to be spent on ?? Another convertible? Well, I had all the photos to prove that I once did own a convertible so then I decided to investigate overseas surgery as I had heard of it over the last 10 years as an affordable option to surgery in Australia. 

I stumbled on the Moviestar Makeovers website after a bad news story on TV and being already curious about overseas surgery and knowing the risks are the same if the surgery is done in Australia I went onto GG website – as a nurse I was immediately impressed with the amount of information provided i.e. pre-operative info regarding vitamins and arnica to reduce bruising, diet and hydration etc., how to choose the surgeon and the before and after photos.

I decided to bite the bullet before all the excess cash disappeared, bought a $500 car which still gets me from A-B like the convertible but now I could do more to improve me – I am now going through my selfish phase of life. IT IS NOW ALL ABOUT ME!!!

It all happened so fast (perhaps too fast) as I was trying to fit my surgery in between daughters having their babies and my work commitments………but I was determined to do it this year.

I wasn’t nervous until the day of the operation when I thought for a moment if I am being ridiculous.

I didn’t tell anyone the real reason why I was going to Malaysia (even my best friend) as I didn’t want to hear that I was being reckless with my health by going overseas. 

I did everything GG advised re the pre-op preparation and it definitely has paid off. SO MAKE SURE YOU READ AND FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE TO THE LETTER AS IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR A GOOD POST-OP OUTCOME.

The right choice 
My first impression was WOW ……how supportive and caring the GG staff are. I chose the cheapest surgeon (everyone who knows me knows that is me, miss frugal!!!) but I got an absolute GEM in Dr Nasir………goes to great lengths to explain the procedures, even tried to talk me out of a brow lift as said I didn’t need it – that convinced me I had the right surgeon for the job. I changed my procedures 3 times as had a last minute nervousness about how I would look if I had a breast lift (rightly or wrongly)……so had a thigh lift instead (no regrets as has made the tummy tuck more successful looking)

I won’t a lie – the facelift was horrible from a comfort point of view. I woke up in recovery with terrible discomfort and requested to have a PCA (patient controlled analgesia machine) – being a nurse in the know and having it the previous week for my tummy tuck. 

I was told I would get oral analgesia back on the ward, but I knew my discomfort would not be alleviated with oral medication and I needed it right then so through my slit eyes and bandaged head, I strongly yet respectfully requested the PCA. The theatre staff were wonderful and rang the anesthetist who agreed I could have this type of pain relief. All staff from theatre to ward staff to surgeon/anesthetist were so respectful and caring of my needs and they deserve our respect as well with gentle requests and no diva performances.

The real journey 
To help recovery, it was the bond developed with the 5 other women going through the same ordeal. A NZ young woman rang me after my facelift to invite me to coffee in her hotel room with the 4 other women. I was in discomfort from the facelift with the swelling and heat but this socializing helped 100 % with my being able to deal with it. 

Every day saw improvements and now 2 months down the track, I think I should have just sucked it up and handled it better but it is the unknown that scares most. How long will I look and feel so different. Your face changes shape for at least 6 weeks then your normal features start to reappear. I looked like I had Tony Abbott ears for 6 weeks, but now I am thrilled with the results. 

I was very nervous about going home as I looked so different and I didn’t want anyone to know what I had done. I was able to lie low for 2 weeks which was great as even though people noticed I looked different they couldn’t put their finger on why. 

‘Old fat lady’ no more 
I am absolutely over the moon with how I look. I can go and buy clothes in the normal shops not the fat lady ones. 

It took me a few weeks to get the courage to tuck my shirts into my new skinny jeans as I always wore the swing shirts before to cover the overhanging tummy but now I feel super sexy and people say I look 40ish not 50ish anymore. 

Since my facelift I have lost the tired droopy dog look and people are commenting on how fresh I look…………NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER

I can’t say thank you enough to the wonderful team at GG…….so much daily support and the hospital staff – impeccable from an infection control (nurse hat again) aspect. I cannot fault the medical/nursing care. I would even say it is better than Australian standards and would not hesitate going back to Dr Nasir and the Prince Court Medical Centre which is only a few years old and has everything that opens and shuts from a medical/nursing perspective…….very up to date and modern/scrupulously clean etc

My tips are: 
1. Be realistic with expected outcomes. I have a perfectly flat tummy now but have scars that circumnavigate my torso………it is a trade off but I feel wonderful in clothing.

2. Be respectful of all the people from GG to hospital staff to drivers etc you come in contact with, they are very caring and eager to meet our needs.


4. Don’t shop too much in the heat.

5.Iinstead of ice packs buy face washers and put them in the freezer to relieve the swelling and heat after a facelift – change these very very often to make you feel better and reduce the discomfort – keep it up for days, especially over the eyelids and around the front and back of ears. The face washers mould better than ice packs around these areas.

6. Drink lots of fluids especially immediately post operatively.

P/S The food at Prince Court Medical Centre is to die for……..gourmet +++++

The main benefits of GG is everything is organized for you and the staff are superb and cant do enough to make you more comfortable.

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