1) Butt Lift

The Butt Lift involves removing skin and fat through surgery and liposuction.  The gluteal area can be dramatically improved.  It is recommended after major weight losss or when there is loose, sagging skin and extra fat.  After this procedure, your buttock area will look toned and smoother.   Keep in mind that before and after this procedure, you will need to maintain a healthy diet.  Protein deficiencies combined with fatty foods can ruin the long-lasting results if you start gaining extra-pounds.

2) Butt Implants

It is a fact that buttocks are considered as a symbol of feminity and sensuality. Buttock Augmentation with Implants is a procedure that reshapes the gluteal area.  Its focus is to provide an uplifted and shapelier buttock profile.  You can consider this type of enhancement when your buttocks are too small, too flat or too square.  Implants will provide a balanced look with more curves and a youthful appearance.  Keep in mind that your buttocks will be bigger, firmer and rounder.  Your clothes will fit much better and you will look gorgeous !

3) Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure is also known as Autologous Fat Transfer Procedure.  It takes fat from one area of your body and uses it to enhance your butt.  Body Liposuction will be performed to remove fatty tissue from areas where you have excess, such as abdomen, back, hips, and thighs. The fat will be processed and grafted in layers to reshape and augment the butt area. This procedure is very popular and provides a natural curved silhoutte.  Incisions are very small and barely noticeable.

Recovery Period

For Butt Lift and Butt Implants, the recovery period will require 2-3 weeks off work.  During this time you will need to avoid sitting down, bending over, or sleeping on your back.  After 3-4  weeks, you will be able to sit normally and sleep on your back. Keep in mind that when you are cleared to sit down, you must use a pillow in order not to apply pressure on your butt.   You may return to work as long as it is not physically demanding. After 4-5 weeks you will be able to perform light excercise. And 5-6 weeks later you may resume normal activities.

For Brazilian Butt Lift you may recover much more faster.  1 week after surgery you can return to work, but during  2-3 weeks more you must use a pillow when sitting.  3-4 weeks later you can resume all your usual activities.

How to Reshape your Butt through Cosmetic Surgery

Q & A: Brazilian Butt Lift

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