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Post Surgical Garments

Surgical Garments are an important part of the recovery process .  In Malaysia, our business partner, Amanita, stock all support garments that help with post-operative recovery please click here to take you to their website to view their garments and prices.  Please note, that purchasing support garments is at your own expense and we actively encourage garments

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Diary from the winner of our ‘Makeover of a lifetime’ Competition 2014

As you all know the winner of out September 'Makeover of a lifetime' is coming close to traveling to Kuala Lumper to have her surgery. Here we are following her journey with a diary to show the type of feelings, questions, concerns that are normal for our clients to have. Follow Katarina’s journey and if

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Why Don’t I just go Direct? Isn’t it cheaper?

One of the biggest "misconceptions" is that it is more expensive to go through Moviestar Makeovers than direct. The reality is that it is no more expensive to book through us than to go direct.  Often it is cheaper as we have few selected partners that we work with and have negotiated special pricing

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Getting the Best Results!

Business continues to boom for cosmetic surgery procedures, but we continue to stress that "the best results will only be achieved with a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise".  To help our clients manage this better, we are really excited about launching some new (and really cool) tools that will enable our clients to manage their

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