As you all know the winner of out September ‘Makeover of a lifetime’ is coming close to traveling to Kuala Lumper to have her surgery. Here we are following her journey with a diary to show the type of feelings, questions, concerns that are normal for our clients to have. Follow Katarina’s journey and if you have any questions please ask on here. Each week we will update the diary.

Katerina teautama

Katerina Teautama

DIARY FOR 31/01/14

Good afternoon, I am 21 days away before I leave Brisbane for Kuala Lumpur and I’m about to embark on a life changing experience.

I’m going to send through regular diary notes to let you all know about my journey, and what I truly think and feel about my experience with this cosmetic surgery. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer them.


To give you a bit of background about me, the thought of cosmetic surgery entered my mind 21 years ago, after giving birth to a 9 pound 10 ounce baby girl and enduring a difficult and problematic pregnancy.

I was devastated at the amount of weight I had gained. I was a trim 60kg when I found out I was pregnant and was admitted to hospital at 38 weeks due to pre-clampsia and weighing a whopping 122kg.

For some reason I just assumed once the baby arrived my pre baby body would bounce back into shape, NO not at all, I had stretched skin all over my abdomen, arms, and legs and to this day it has remained but just saggy skin. I also had two more children.

The thought of plastic surgery became a reality about 2008, I had a few colleagues who had travelled to Thailand for cosmetic work and I was amazed at the result.

I started to do some research and looked at a few cosmetic surgery holiday companies, nothing immediately jumped out at me, then one night I was watching ACA and a segment on overseas cheap surgery was being aired and Moviestar Makeovers was the review.

I was impressed with the testimonials and looked up Gorgeous Getaway web page, and started reading through the various doctor’s profiles. There was an adequate amount of information for me to start planning and gave me an indication of procedure cost and recovery time.

I made enquiries and got feed back in 2011, I sat on this for the next two years and decided 2013 to attend a information evening held in Brisbane.

Fortunate for me Moviestar Makeovers was running a “makeover of a lifetime competition” and I found out 3 months later I was the winner.

Surprisingly I am feeling quite calm and not at all nervous, coming from a medical background I have a fair idea of what to expect post op and have realistic ideals about my result.

I had a lengthy conversation with Doctor Jalil at the information evening held in Brisbane and was fortunate to show him my problem areas and I was happy with the recommendation he gave me.

My relationship with Gorgeous Getaway has been constant over the last 3 months, and I have had one of the Moviestar Makeovers staff that has emailed and kept me informed of any acute changes.

Stay Tuned Readers

DIARY FOR 03/02/14

Only three weeks until I leave now.

I was able to speak with my Moviestar Makeovers consultant, Paula this evening about concerns regarding compression garments and was informed I could get some when I get to Kuala Lumpur.

Paula gave me the reassurance that I will have a support person with me for the duration of my stay in Kuala Lumper..

I am not feeling too anxious right now. Although I am beginning to imagine what I will look like, post extended tummy tuck. I couldn’t help but look in the mirror and imagine.

I guess the more I think about it, my only real concerns are:

  • ▪ My recovery time, hopefully nice and short
  • ▪ There will be no drama or problems with the procedures I am having done
  • ▪ I hope I have adequate pain management, as I am not good with any pain
  • ▪ That I do not get any postoperative wound infections.

I raised these concerns with Paula and she reassured me that I could furtherl discuss these valid concerns with Dr. Jalil upon consultation on 24/2/14.

Stay tuned reader for next time

DIARY FOR 07/02/14

I was able to speak with Paula, my Moviestar Makeovers consultant during the week, and to my delight she tells me she will be in Brisbane next week. I’m looking forward to meeting up in person, which is great!! This will give me the opportunity to talk to her in person about any pending concerns.

I was looking in the mirror last night, and trying to imagine what my full-face lift would look like post operatively.  But all I could see in the mirror is the reflection of a face that is tired, worn and shows premature signs of very early ageing. From life and what life throws at us some experiences good some experiences very challenging and at time overwhelming.

I couldn’t see a more refined, well rested, and rejuvenated face at all. As a result, a feeling of excitement started to surface, as I know a face-lift would be a fantastic improvement.

After reading Dr. Jalil’s testimonials, and seeing pre/post photos of past patients this has given me reassurance that I have done enough research to trust Dr. Jalil is a competent and skilled surgeon.

I look forward to the up and coming week as I will meet up with Paula and start to think about packing a suitcase.

DIARY FOR 10/02/14

Two weeks today before I fly to Kuala Lumpur. I’m feeling quite calm and no nerves of apprehension yet.

I am trying to keep my self reasonably active by going for 1-hour walks in the mornings, I have been doing this for the last 3 months.

I’ve been concentrating on trying to eat healthy and maintaining adequate hydration lately.

If I have any concerns it definitely is my recovering time post-operative and I hope my wounds will remain infection free.

I am hoping the last 6 months of mild exercise and healthy will pay off.

DIARY FOR 14/02/14

Not long until I leave for Kuala Lumpur now. Time has flown.

Happy Valentines to all readers!  I printed off my GG itinerary and had a thorough read through it, as I did not want to miss out anything important.

My relationship with GG started about 3 months. I have had Paula, my support person, available for me to answer any concerns or questions as they come up.

My GG itinerary has been mapped out for me which includes meet and greet at the airport, transportation to my hotel, being greeted with a GG support person when I arrive in Kuala Lumper right through to my hospital transfers.

I am looking forward to speaking with Dr. Jalil on the 25/2/14, this certainly has taken the stress and worry away as I embark on this life changing journey.


DIARY FOR 17/02/14 

One week today I fly to Kuala Lumpur.

Today I met up with Paula, my Gorgeous Getaway support person. We had a good coffee and chat about everything.

I got my compression garment today, which will help to define and reshape my new abdominal shape.

I still have no major concerns, and are not nervous yet, but I am sure as time draws near to departure my nerves will naturally kick in.

Post-operative concerns have always been pain management, wound healing and length of downtown.  Paula reassured that rest is important, getting up and mobilizing ASAP after surgery also helps in recovery.

Paula suggested to get a gentle massage and lympathetic drainage massage about week 2 post-operation, as this will certainly speed up recovery.

Any questions about adequate pain management and wound healing to let Dr. Jalil know my concerns when I have my consult session next Tuesday.  Happy days ahead

Stay tuned readers

DIARY FOR 21/02/14

The countdown to my departure is in view. I’m feeling quite relaxed and am looking forward to what is ahead next week.  I am wondering what tourist activities I can do in my downtime as I will be Kuala Lumpur for 4 weeks, I will need to pick up some brochures at the airport.

I am sure as Monday looms, which is only three days away I am certain the excitement and nerves will naturally set in.

I am looking forward to meeting the Gorgeous Getaway team once I arrive in Kuala Lumper, and am ready to sit down and have an in-depth consult with Dr Jalil early in week.

25th February 2014 – Day of Arrival.

Finally I have arrived In Kuala Lumper at 530am. Had a nervous 9-hour flight from Brisbane. As I came through arrival I was greeted by my driver. He had a sign up with my name and stating he was from Moviestar Makeovers. The driver was well presented and he spoke good English. He had friendly mannerism and he escorted me to the car and assisted me with my luggage.

He picked me up in a nice black Camry with a clean interior and tidy. The driver stated it would take an hour to get back to the hotel

I had a warm welcome and was delighted to receive a welcome bag with some pamphlets and goodies from Moviestar Makeovers. I was delighted to see my hotel room at the Double Tree Hilton and the quality of my accommodation. Well done Moviestar Makeovers.

Upon arriving at Double Tree Hotel I was very impressed at the grand entrance to the hotel lobby and the willingness and welcoming of the hotel staff. I was escorted to check in where I was once again greeted by hotel staff to the hotel and I got an orientation of the services available, e.g. room service, pool facilities, there is about 4 restaurants to choose from, 24 hour staff attendance, daily room service and daily breakfast which was included I my package.

I went back to hotel and received a call from my.

My Customer Service Manager, and support person, Misty. She is available 24 hours 7 days a week for any concerns in particular.

Misty came to pick me up and we travelled to go see Dr. Jalil.  I had my consultation with him and was able to discuss my concerns, pain management, post operation, duration of operation, side effects of medication and pain tolerance.

Dr. Jalil did some visual mapping and a body assessment as to where he was going to cut and operate. Consultation lasted about one hour.

Dr Jalil made me feel at ease. He made me feel calm and relaxed because of his explanation about the procedure. He talked about expectations and a visual mapping about my body. He has a very compassionate nature. He gave me reassurance that he is a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

After the consultation, Misty took me to the supermarket and I got some water and munchies. I then went back to the hotel for an early dinner at the hotel before retiring to my bed at about 6.30pm.

26th Feb – Day 2 – Day of Operation

I woke up very early this morning feeling quite anxious and nervous about my extended tummy tuck today. I had a very early morning breakfast and I believe my operation is scheduled for 12pm this afternoon.

I feel quite confident that everything will go well with my surgery.  I feel that everything will go well.

Misty my support person picked me up at half past eight and we travelled to Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (BWMC). I received a warm, welcome from the nursing staff at BWMC. The staff at the hospital were very professional. They were polite, nursing staff had good bedside manner and they were there to accommodate me and assist me with my activities of daily living and post recovery like wound care, pain management and antibiotic.

My weight and height was taken; series of medical questions were asked by the Nurse and got comprehensive orientation of my private suite ad I was very impressed at the quality of the amenities.

The anesthetist Dr Suzanna was easy to talk to. She made me feel at ease and gave me reassurance that everything will be fine and she also talked me through the procedure. She explained her role to me ad explained to me what kind of pain relieve we will be using post op.

Dr. Jalil came to see me I my room ad pretty much mapped out my body with ink then I was prepped for theater and wheeled in.

I woke up already I my room and in was ten hours later.

My pain was well controlled and did not have many major issues with my pain after operation and I was constantly monitored by the nursing staff overnight and have a reasonably okay sleep.

I did not know what to expect coming over here. My only reassurance was my research that I had done prior and the reassurance that I had after I met with Dr. Jalil at August last year back in Brisbane. I came over here with an open mind. My expectation so far of the experience has been excellent – I wouldn’t have been able to cope without the support of the staff at Moviestar Makeovers.

27th Feb – Day 1 Post Operation.

I woke up this morning feeling quite groggy. My pain is not too bad, I’m not feeling too nauseous and I’m able to sit up on my bed with the help of the nursing staff. I was able to look at my abdomen for the first time.

I am overwhelmed with the dramatic result. I cannot believe how flat my stomach is. I walked into this hospital and I can honestly say I am now a size 12. I am very impressed about how tidy my suture lie is and what I can see from my thigh lift o both legs. Very impressive. Dr. Jalil came to see me twice this morning and to see how my pain is and to see if I needed anything extra for my pain management.

I have started a short course of IV antibiotic to prevent infections. The nursing staff were able to get me up this morning to have a shower and my dressing were taken off to shower. They applied the antibiotic ointment to prevent infections and I was able to have a look at my suture line, which was nice and tidy.

I am surprised that my pain is quite bearable but I have the reassurance that I can ask for extra pain medication if needed. Surprisingly I have not loss my appetite and have been able to tolerate my meals without too much nausea. I plan to rest today.

1st March 2014 – Day 3 Post Operation

Today is day three post operation. I got to see what my abdomen and thigh look like after being operated on. I was impressed at how tidy and clean it appears.

My pain tolerance has been bearable up to this point, thank goodness for painkillers. I’ve had no major concerns so far.

Dr. Jalil came to see me to pull out my drains, but because my fluid output into the drain has been above normal it was decided I would be discharged with the two drains in situ, and removed on Monday when I have my full facelift.

I am very happy with my result.  I was discharged this afternoon from hospital with pain relief, antibiotics and antibiotic cream, which will be applied in the morning by my Moviestar Makeovers support person, Misty.

I was transferred back to hotel with Misty at my side to help settle me in. I will spend the weekend resting on my bed with short walks in between.

2nd March 2014 – Day 4 Post Operation 

I have had a pretty relaxing day today.

My pain has been well managed with painkillers, and I was able to walk about the hotel. I sat outside by the pool with both my abdomen drains in situ. I have been able to hide it quite well.

I also did some window-shopping later this afternoon.

I am finding I have gained a lot of strength in a short period of time. Resting and relaxing has definitely paid off.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, as I am having my full-face life, I am so excited.

Misty, my support buddy from Moviestar Makeovers rocks, and has been a great help. I have also met other staff members Juliana and Kiran from head office, who were wonderful. Thanks ladies for taking the time out to pop in and say hi.

Misty, has done a great job organising transport to and from hospital appointments, taking me shopping at the supermarket, she has visited daily sometimes a couple of times to do my dressings and to see how I am coping and resting.

Misty has been more the obliging to all my needs. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through without the help of my support person – Thank you much Misty

I have also had the unconditional support of Kiran from Head Office. She has also pop by my hotel every day to see how I am recovering and to see if I needed anything. I felt supported and well look after by Kiran. I felt like I was more the just a client and treated like a human being which I absolutely appreciate.

3rd March 2014 – Day 5 Post Operation, Next lot of Surgery

Hello readers today I am writing my entry to let you know I am about to head off to the Beverley Wilshire Medical Centre, to have my full facelift.  I am waiting for Misty my Moviestar Makeovers support person to pick me up very shortly.  Will tune in hopefully tomorrow post op if I am feeling up to it.

My feelings prior to my surgery is calm and relaxed, like with my abdominal surgery, I had no concerns.

Post full-face lift, it’s only been 2 days I feel a lot of discomfort. My skin feels tight, not painful just uncomfortable. My face is swollen but to be expected pain relief has been a comfort, what I need is rest, sleep and to take things slow. I will be in my hotel room for the couple days.

Dr. Jalil has been informative about expectations, recovery time, pain management, has taken the time out to visit me a couple of times while an inpatient at Beverley Wilshire Medical Centre.

The nursing staff at the hospital had great bedside mannerism, ensuring I had the call buzzer next to me. They were very polite made sure my activities of daily living were attended too. Dr. Jalil has attended to all my surgeries and he has done a fantastic job.

Staff at Moviestar Makeovers have also been excellent have had constant communication via phone and I person everyday, Misty my Moviestar Makeovers support person has been my life line ensuring transport has been arranged to get to my appointment at the hospital, and if I needed anything from the supermarket.

All Moviestar Makeovers staff have made a great impression with presentation, professional conduct and have made a grand effort to make this stay as hassle free as possible.

4th March 2014 – Day 1 Post Operation, Facelift

Hello readers woke up to a very score head and a lot of discomfort in my right shoulder, immediately the nurses got hold of Dr. Jalil to inform him of my concerns, extra breakthrough, medication was offered.

My face felt very taut and tight I was able to get myself to the bathroom assisted by the nurses. I saw my face for the first time and I was very shocked at the amount of swelling, but could see the desired shape underneath all that.

Kindly the nurses helped and assisted with activities of daily living. They attend to my lower limbs wounds and my face, all this took about 2 hours and I was totally exhausted.

My pain management was good. Dr. Jalil came and had a chat about how I was feeling if my pain was ok. He explained to me to use the antibiotic creams on my face, twice daily, drink lots of fluids and go back to the hotel and rest.

I had every intentions of going back to the hotel any way. Misty, my Moviestar Makeovers support person arrived at the hospital about 2.5 hours prior to discharge.  Misty assisted me back to the hotel stayed with me for about an hour made sure I was relaxed, and things in my hotel room was to my liking.

Kirin one of the managers popped in to see how I am coping post discharge and if there was anything I needed. At this stage I only felt like rest and relaxation. Misty ordered breakfast to be brought to my room for the next three mornings.

5th March 2014 – Day 2 Post Operation, Facelift 

I’m feeling really exhausted with my recovery, it has really taken it out of me. This is day 6, post surgery of my post tummy tuck, and its very uncomfortable at the moment. It is also day 2, post surgery for my full-face lift. I have had a relaxing day today but my face really hurts.

I spent about 2 hours with Misty, Moviestar Makeovers support person, who is also a registered nurse. She has been attending to my abdomen dressings daily and to my facial suture wounds.

Overall to sum it up, I am feeling quite exhausted and uncomfortable today, I have relied on extra analgesia today for comfort.  My appetite is not there yet, but I have ensured I am drinking a lot of water, rest and more rest is what I need to recover.

6th March 2014 – Day 3 Post Operation, Facelift

Today has been a good day; I am recovering slowly but surely. I haven’t had any surgery today

Today my drains removed and had a post consult with Dr. Jalil. He said everything is going smoothly and I am healing as expected. I have no signs of infections.

My recovery has been a gradual improvement; I am gaining my strength a little bit every day.  Although still feeling very exhausted, I can only do little tasks at a time.  Just going to see Dr. Jalil for the post consult made me very tired.

At this stage I am spending most of my time resting in my room; peace and quiet helps with my recovery

I am extremely happy with my results so far. I did not expect my tummy tuck to have such fantastic results. At the moment I cant quite see past the swelling in my face, but I can see some definition my jawline and my lips. The reduction in swelling is an ongoing process. The swelling will come done within the month.

7th March 2014 – Day 4 Post Operation

Hi Readers

Today has been a great day; I had lunch with other Moviestar Makeovers clients at the Hilton Double Tree by the poolside, it did justice for my emotions and it gave me a real boost in morale.

I think I got real today with how tough the past 11 days have been.  Talking to the ladies and realising that my emotional journey through my recovery has been common ground. That we all share we have had good days and bad days emotionally but we have all bounced back.

Intermittently over the last 11 days I have had moments of feeling down and alone because I have come over alone, but those moments have been short and acute. Having company and chatting with other Moviestar Makeovers clients gave me a much needed boost.

We had Italian by the poolside the setting was so relaxed and quite trendy. We were treated like VIP by hotel staff, and the standard of service was impeccable. I recommend Double tree to anyone.

Thank you Kiran for being a great host. I am impressed how Kiran had arranged for transport to and from the lunch venue. When the ladies were ready to leave every ones driver was waiting, no one stood around waiting, now that’s service.

My recovery thus far has been gradual, my healing has been infection free, and I am finding physically I am going from strength to strength.

8th March 2014 – Day 5 Post Operation

The weekend is here. Karla, the registered nurse came to review my wound. Everything is healing as it should. The pain is more of a discomfort rather than a pain.

I can move my facial muscles a lot more today, and the swelling on my face has come down a lot since yesterday.

Finally I am beginning to see the defined contouring on my face, and it feels pretty good.

I had a rather relaxing day at the hotel, and did a spot of shopping this morning at Chinatown. The humidity was a bit much and I only lasted 2 hours.

I have to add being by the poolside reading was awesome. The staff at The Double Tree Hilton hotel are so hospitable on all levels of customer service.Stayed tuned


9th March 2014 – Day 6 Post Operation 

Today I feel a lot better then last week. Each day I feel a little bit better, although I still have a lot of discomfort, I do feel a lot better. The more I move around, I find it helps with the swelling to go down. It goes down a little bit each day.

Today is my first day that I have been out for more then 3 hours but I am very exhausted. The humidity is a bit much for me and I feel all sweaty.

I had a post consultation with Dr. Jalil this morning. He inspected my abdomen wounds, my thigh life wounds and my facial wounds. Everything is healing as expected. Dr. Jalil is amazed at how fast I seem to be healing. It was a short consultation.

My next consultation with him is on Friday morning and this will be my final one. I am happy knowing I have one more consulate.

I haven’t been in contact with my family over my progress; I am looking forward to the big reveal when I land in Brisbane.

11th March 2014 – Day 8 Post Operation

Today was another relaxing day at the hotel, the weather is very humid and hot; a bit much for me.

I found my self venturing out to the Chinatown market the other day and I was dripping with sweat and could feel my wounds especially under my chin and both ears stinging from the sweat. The wounds then became itchy, so I wont be doing that again.

I find I get tired fast when I try and do some sight seeing and found I catch a taxi back to the hotel and I take a long rest.

Dr. Jalil is happy with my recovery and my many wounds are healing as expected.

12th March 2014 – Day 9 Post Operation

I just wanted to say thank you for following my blog. I just wanted to share a few things from my journey so far.

Look at what I’ve achieved, I have had such a positive experience.

I have an extended 360 tummy tuck, as I was a large woman.

I am 14 days post tummy tuck and the transformation is quite incredible. I weighed in on surgery day at 99.5kg and that’s after I lost 15kg a size 18/20.

Post surgery I lost an incredible 9.5kg and that’s how much fat Dr. Jalil was able to remove with my tummy tuck. I also got a thigh lift, which was recommended to me if I was going to do a full tummy tuck.

My thigh lift has also been incredible, the amount of fat removed and the new shape I have with my tummy and thighs is amazing.

I am still 3-6months in recovery mode, as I need time to allow the swelling to go down and fluid retention is a common side affect with this kind of surgery.

I am a size 12 right now; I can’t believe it. Everyday a hundred times a day I look in the mirror and admire my new look.

Dr. Jalil is a great person and is such a skilled surgeon; he knows his skill well and is a perfectionist. He is very approachable and will ask you questions like what would you like done. Advice I can give is that you should be open and honest and tell him everything, as he will visually map the area of concern. He will explain to you what is achievable so don’t feel apprehensive about your questions.

You will also find the Moviestar Makeovers staff over here are with you every single step of the way. They are so professional with ensuring you get to all your appointments, post operation follow ups, which is daily by the registered nurses. They come and review your wounds, how you feeling, your pain management.

Kiran is the manager here in Kuala Lumper she is responsible for overseeing that our experience is A1 and our every need are met by all at Moviestar Makeovers staff.

You are in good hands once you land in Kuala Lumper Moviestar Makeovers staff are very professional and Dr. Jalil and his team at Beverley Wilshire Medical Centre are will qualified and extremely professionally.


13th March 2014 – Day 10 Post Operation

Today was another relaxing day at the hotel, the haze here is unbelievable you cannot see 20 metres in front of you, everyone is wearing facemasks when they venture outside.

My wounds are healing surely but slowly. I can move my jaw today, and my suture line around my front and back flank look clean and tidy,

I finished my course of antibiotics today and amazingly I haven’t had a pain killer since last night, so rest sleep and total relaxation has been a key part in my healing,

Tomorrow is my final consult with Dr. Jalil and I look forward to that.

14th March 2014 – Day 11 Post Operation

I had my final consultation with Dr. Jalil today and it was great, Dr. Jalil reviewed my wounds and is happy with the healing process.

Dr. Jalil has been an excellent surgeon, and he has been with me every step of the way.

The last 3 weeks have been tough, enduring, and a daily challenge. I think as I reflect upon this experience coming here alone has been a challenge, especially the first 12 days after having 3 huge surgeries, the discomfort and at times pain have challenged me emotionally.

In terms of coping I think I would of benefited from having a support person. Emotions for me through this journey have been high and low. The Moviestar Makeovers staff here in Kuala Lumper; have been my support and backbone.

Customer service managers have made daily contact with me to see how I am doing; they have visited me to assess my wounds and to see if I need anything, which has been a huge support.

Medical staff at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre have been amazing from pre-consultation to post-op follow up appointments. The standard of medical care is over and beyond professional. I think that’s why my recovery process has been smooth and pretty straight forward.

Thank you to Moviestar Makeovers for making this experience positive and memorable.

15th March 2014 – Day 12 Post Operation

Two more sleeps until I return to Australia.

Today was a shopping day really the first proper shopping day without feeling too uncomfortable when I walk, I took it slow as I am still in recovery mode and am still finding I get tired easily.  The weather is very humid here so I am sweating a lot, no good for my wound healing.

Tomorrow will be a day by the poolside

 2 1/2 Weeks Home from my Big Journey

My post operation recovery has been slow and more uncomfortable. Where I had my thigh lift and face lift the skin is so tight so mobilising and basic exercise is difficult, I can only power walk really.

I still have swelling on my face and my movement is limited as it is still very uncomfortable from my skin being nipped and pulled back, but each day  I have some improvement.

I still have dark circles under my eyes as my bruising is gradually going away, but i can cover that up with make up.

My recovery from my 360 abdominalplasty has gone great, actually I think that area has healed well. I have had minimal pain and discomfort although I still have numbness, everyday I seem to feel abit more sensation then the day before.

I did go to the after hours doctors about 3 days after I arrived back my face just swelled up on my left side which I thought was strange as I didnt have any concerning post operation complications when I was in KL. My face was so tight and swollen and was very sore, all of a sudden I couldnt open my mouth properly. I had a ultra sound to screen for any underlying complications, the ultrasound came back clear.

It ended up being an extreme case of swelling there was no sign of infecton, so from that stand point it seems slow.

Im back at work on saturday so it will be interesting to see what my colleagues will react.  Oh yes I went to see Dr Lua (a cosmetic surgeon) last week for a post op consult and for him to review my sutures on my abdomen and head, he was really amazed at my drastic result his mouth/jaw fell to the ground. He couldnt believe how fantastic and amazing I looked, as a result he called into his office two other surgeons to show them my flat tummy and thigh lift. It really was a WOW moment, there reaction and look on their face was priceless.

Dr Lua rang me that afternoon and asked if it would be OK if he gave some of his patients my contact details and talk to them my experience about overseas cosmetic tourism and my experience.  I have spoken with 4 so far and I believe two are booked in with Moviestar Makeovers for next month to have some work done.