Profession: Home maker
Age: 56
Country: Australia
Procedures: Full Facelift
Cost of holiday: Approximately $8,000 AUD inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4/5-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia.
Cost of just the treatments at home $20,000 AUD+

Elaine loves that her facelift looks completely natural, while making her look refreshed and healthy.





This is her story:
Moving into my fifties, I felt my looks were deteriorating quite quickly.

My eyes were droopy – I had a big furrow on my forehead and my mouth and neck were also droopy. I looked angry, tired and even confused.

Even though I visit a beautician regularly and use good products on my face but it really needed a lot more ‘agressive’ intervention to make a difference. I am not a fan of temporary fixes like fillers or botox.

I had been thinking about doing something for a few years but the cost was the biggest prohibition for me. I didn’t feel comfortable spending so much money on myself. My children are all grown now and I feel more comfortable about taking care of myself a little more.

I happened to see a TV story about Moviestar Makeovers. I had heard of people doing this but was not sure that it was ‘safe. I then heard about people who had friends who went through Moviestar Makeovers, so I did my own research from there.

I found Dr Nasir in Malaysia and that really sealed it for me. His CV was excellent and he had trained here in Australia so I knew he would understand my needs.

Only my close family – husband and children – knew of the planned holiday. I decided to go alone because it wasn’t convenient for another person to accompany me. This made me feel a little nervous. I discovered that I was happier recovering with the staff of Moviestar Makeovers and other clients of Moviestar Makeovers because they understood what I was going through and I was able to look after just myself for a change. I was in daily contact with my husband and children via internet and texting which was fantastic.

On arrival – the first friendly face, my driver at the airport. I felt at ease immediately. My manager was in touch as soon as I got to my hotel room and within the hour was with me and assisting organisation and my trip to the hospital. She stayed with me whilst I settled in to the hospital and met my surgeon.

Dr Nasir was quietly spoken, efficient, professional and made sure I felt comfortable with everything. He answered all my questions without hesitation and I was happy that he understood my needs. Everyone was so professional and it boosted my confidence and made me feel more relaxed being in such good hands. I spent the night before surgery in hospital as I was first on the list. I stayed for one more night and was ready to leave the next morning.

My recovery was very good. I felt no pain – just tightness and discomfort that was eased by just panadol for the next few days I rested in my hotel room and was visited every day by a Moviestar Makeovers nurse who tended my dressings and my manager who popped in for a chat and to see if I needed anything. I was able to shower and dress and wash my hair. I was doing gentle excercises to reduce any complications like blood clots post surgery.

By the fourth day, I was ready to head out and explore. I had been given another client of Moviestar Makeovers’s phone no so I contacted her and we set out together. After this, I didnt look back. I was doing my own dressings and heading out shopping and sightseeing on my own as well as with others. I met some great people from all over the world who were Moviestar Makeovers clients.

Next to no time, I was off home and looking forward to seeing my family again. I felt really great and looked good too!

I feel very confident with my new refreshed face. I often have people say to me that I look really well and ask me if I have lost weight or something. They can’t really put their finger on the difference. I love that.

I can’t say that I have done anything exciting since my new look. No new man – very happy with the one I have. But my whole confidence level has been boosted enormously and I feel like I am laughing and smiling a lot more now.

For my preparation to have this procedure I didn’t drink alcohol for 1 month prior and also took the vitamin supplements that were recommended. Post surgery, I ate wholesome meals, salads, protein, fruits. I also drank at least 2 litres of water a day to help flush out the toxins after surgery. I followed my surgeons instructions to the letter in my care of the suture wounds and used ice packs religiously. I have been using Vitamin E and bio oil on the scars to help healing and less scar tissue. Thank you Moviestar Makeovers. I would not have done it without your support and guidance.

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