Procedures: Lower Facelift, Necklift
Cost of holiday: Approximately $8,000 AUD inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $16,000 AUD+

Looking refreshed and feeling far more confident, Hanna is thrilled she followed through her plans.





This is her story:

Best fit for my needs
I started to consider the surgery a few years ago. I hated my neck and jowls and trying to fit in surgery with the opportunity to recover in private became increasingly important to me. 

I decided that early in the New Year was the best time for me to take a break and have the surgery so following a quote I received in Australia for $13,000, I started to search the web for alternatives. I found Moviestar Makeovers straight away and submitted an inquiry. The reply was immediate and professional. I was intending to travel in less than 10 days but the process was made very easy by the Moviestar Makeovers representative here in Australia.

Although the cost was cheaper than in Australia, it wasn’t my only consideration. I finally made the decision to go ahead with Moviestar Makeovers in KL after reading about Dr Steve Wong’s twilight surgery procedures and after researching his training. 

I didn’t tell anyone about my trip except close family and friends and traveled alone but I soon met 4 lovely Australian ladies in the Moviestar Makeovers hotel in KL who took me under their wings.

Benefits of twilight surgery
Dr Wong was very professional in his approach but put me at ease straight away by showing me a great number of past patient’s before/after photos as well as explaining at great length the best procedure, in his opinion, to correct my problem. 

His clinic, by the way, is more like an art gallery than a hospital! He has the nicest staff and I felt I was in very experienced hands. During surgery I was able to chat to him, there was no pain whatsoever and recovery was amazingly quick. Just a few hours after surgery I was up and looking at my own photos with Dr Wong on his computer. I went back to my 1 bed apartment in the afternoon of the same day as the surgery.

As I refused to take sleeping pills, I hardly slept the first few nights following surgery. I just pottered around the unit and watched the DVD’s my new Aussie friends loaned to me. Once the bandages came off, I was more able to rest at night and actually went shopping after 3 days. 

By the time I was due to have the stitches removed (6 days) I was virtually back to normal activities and went out to dinner. I even felt confident enough to send a photo back home after 6 days! I developed an slight infection on one side and Dr Wong saw me straight away. He issued antibiotics and asked me to come back in again so that he could check all. I went home on another dose of antibiotics and after the second course the infection and swelling had gone. 

I now have a much fresher look and feel far more confident. I’ve started a new business venture and am very pleased that I’ve had the procedure at last. 

My tip would be to make sure, before you have the surgery, that you have lots of easy to eat (not chew) food and nibbles in the hotel. Also stock up on DVD’s and magazines because for the first few days you don’t feel much like going out and definitely not for food shopping. You don’t necessarily need a companion with you on the trip as the Moviestar Makeovers ladies come in every day – sometimes twice a day – and you meet and make friends at breakfast or on the tours and social outings.

The Moviestar Makeovers ladies were very supportive throughout. Dr Wong and his staff were also very caring; he may appear to have an aloof attitude but he is very professional and I found him to be very precise and approachable.

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*These case studies are actual feedback that patients have provided and the photos have not been digitally enhanced. Every patient is an individual and therefore results will vary from patient to patient.