Our standard price list is an accurate guideline for you to know the approximate costs of surgery.   But, if you are planning to travel in the next couple of months, then we strongly suggest to request your fimquote.  Your firmquote will contain taylor-made pricing and the surgeons feedback on your specific case.  Once you have your firmquote, you can book your surgery date and lock in your price.

May I request my firmquote for all destinations listed ?

Due to the pandemic, there are countries facing travel restrictions at the moment.  A 14-day quarantine is mandatory along with other entry requirements.  However, our healthcare partners are confident that borders will open on Spring 2021, and they are receiving requests.  On the other hand, since June, 2020, Dominican Republic, México and Turkey are receiving international visitors without restrictions.

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic surgery ?

Remember that once you submit your firmquote request, you will be approved as a candidate for cosmetic surgery when your BMI (Body Mass Index) does not exceed 30.   While some Surgeons are a little more flexible and accept candidates with higher BMI, most of them will advise you to loose weight before you can have surgery done, in order to obtain the best results.

Cosmetic Surgeons are all about art, and they will make everything in their power to make you become more attractive, sexy and beautiful.  Your goal is to become the very best version of yourself, and we at Moviestar Makeovers are committed to guide you every step of the way.  We have carefully chosen our high skilled Surgeons around the world, and many of them double or triple board certified in different countries.

What information do I need to submit ?

All Surgeons ask for the patient’s medical history and photos to in order to make an accurate assessment of their case. The medical history must be as complete as possible and photos must be clear, in focus, with no shadows and taken as close as possible.  Remember that all our servers comply with HIPAA and all your information is secured and absolutely confidential.

How do I take the photos ?

You should be in a standing position with your arms by the sides, and taken at a direct angle (not from above looking down or from below looking up).  In all required poses stand in front of a plain wall, with good lighting.   No garments worn over the area you wish to have surgery.  For Facial photos, ensure your hair is pulled back off your face and remove any glasses.  Also avoid makeup.


Many surgeons offer a complimentary teleconsultation for approved candidates in order to address concerns, doubts or questions.  This is a great tool for you and for the surgeon to know exactly what your expectations are, and your desired outcome.

Request Firmquote

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