About Inverted Nipple Surgery

Inverted nipples are buried inside the skin instead of being erected above the breasts.  Nipple surgery considers a number of factors, including the breast shape, degree of inversión, and whether or not the patient wants to breastfeed at a later time.  For a severe case of inverted nipples, surgery is strongly recommended because not only it is aesthetically unpleasant, but it makes breastfeeding impossible and it makes difficult to keep the nipples clean.

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Surgical Methods

  1. Triangular Flap Method – This method is recommended when inverted nipples are pulling due to severe fibrosis and shortened lactiferous ducts. These ducts and fibrous tissues must be extended in order to pull out the nipple without causing damage to the lactiferous ducts. Then the insufficient dermis tissue must be supplemented with the dermal flap.
  2. Purse String Suture Method – This method is recommended if the patient wishes to breastfeed at a later time. A small incisión is made around the nipple to cut the fibrous tissue that is pulling the nipple inward, then the lactiferous ducts are extended, and the tissues below the nipple are supplemented.  The nipple is then pulled outward and fixed in place.

Inverted Nipple Surgery is recommended when nipples are buried inside the breasts, inflammation occurs because dead skin cells cannot fall off from the nipples, nipples do not become erect even with stimulation, or there are concerns related to breastfeeding due to the inversión of the nipples.

Nipple Reduction Surgery

In the case of excessively large nipples, the área between the nipple and areola can be damaged due to friction caused by the bra, and breastfeeding may also be difficult.  In most cases, nipples appear too large which is aesthetically unpleasant or does not match their breast size. If the patient wants to breastfeed at a later time, the lactiferous ducts must be kept intact and the surgical method chosen depends on whether the lactiferous ducts must be maintained or not.

Surgical methods used when the breastfeeding function needs to be maintained

  1. Long Nipples – The bottom part of the nipples is partially removed and the nipples are sutured onto the areola to reduce the length.
  2. Wide Nipples – These are partially removed and then sutured.

The surgical method used when the breastfeeding function does not need to be maintained

  1. The mammary glands and nipples are cut to the desired size and then sutured.

Nipple reduction surgery is recommended if the breast seems to be sagging due to the weight of nipples, or the nipples have become enlarged due to breastfeeding, are too wide or long and they do not look aesthetically pleasing.

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