Most likely, when you hear somebody talking about “cosmetic surgery” or “plastic surgery” we think of people getting age-defying procedures.  But believe it or not, nowadays young people are also consulting cosmetic surgeons.  It is a fact that Millenials and Gen Zers are very interested in looking more attractive.  And even though both generations have a different perspective of life, they have quite the same motivations about undergoing this kind of surgery. They want to use cosmetic surgery as a tool to blend in a society that demands beauty.

Different Generations

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, and tend to be idealistic.  Gen Zers were born between 1997 and 2015, and tend to be pragmatic.  However, when it comes to goals and dreams, they have quite the same.  Statistics confirm that both generations have the same two biggest concerns.  The first one is to become financially stable, followed by  being on their dream job.  Only after they have achieved one or the other, they are interested in love life and getting married.  And they are doing everything in their power to make it happen.

The Very Best Version

The New Age movement is all about having a good attitude. Positive thinking, empowerment and self-improvement have become very popular.  No wonder why having cosmetic surgery done is included in young people’s To Do’s list.  They want to become the very best version of themselves and it is valid to do so.  Procedures are not that expensive, and certainly not only available for moms and dads.  And many surgeons are also LGBT friendly ! Looking at the big picture, we need to consider their reasons.

Motivation Factors

  • Patient Safety First – High skilled surgeons, cutting-edge technology and vanguard techniques guarantee a good outcome when undergoing cosmetic surgery.
  • Improving Self-Image – It is a fact that self-esteem and confidence improve with cosmetic surgery. Being confortable in your own skin makes you look great and you will feel happy.
  • Healthy sexuality – Cosmetic surgery will improve your self-image and you will become more attractive. Feeling sexy will definetely get you closer to that boy or girl that you like.
  • My Body is My Choice – This means that you dictate your own destiny, and you have the right to shape your physicality.  Your body needs to fit your mindset.
  • Today Mindset – The lack of certainty of what tomorrow will bring is pushing young people to make the best out of every moment.  The today mindset is predominant. Global situation is more tense than ever before and nobody wants to postpone happy moments.
  • New Normal – Social distance has made social media the most powerful way of communication.  Young people’s priority is to project themselves as attractive as possible in the community-world.
  • Experimenting – Young people are open-minded to experiment with piercing and tattoos.  They know that nothing is permanent and they can remove those if they change their mind.
  • Non-Invasive Procedures – Fillers, IPL and other available aesthetic procedures can enhance their beauty without undergoing major cosmetic surgery.
  • College education – It is a fact that young educated people want access to the best resources. More often they are moving to big cities where they can find everything including the best surgeons and world-class hospitals.

Young people’s dreams are to be validated every step of the way.  They have the right to live a life that is worth it.

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