Procedures: Full Facelift
Cost of holiday: Approximately $10,500, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 21 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $17,000+

Jacqueline’s surgery was a 60th birthday present from her son, which took almost 30 years off her face.



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This is her story:

Now or never
A year ago, I decided to have plastic surgery, did my research and found that Moviestar Makeovers was the best option for me due to the possibility of a face lift and complete rest away from my family . My son paid for everything as a gift for my 60th birthday. I traveled with a cousin who also decided to have a face lift as well.

I contemplated surgery for the longest time. I’ve seen before and after photos of Dr Jalil’s work and am completely happy with the very natural look of his patients.

I have a very busy life; a French husband whom I have to cook for twice a day, a 26 year old son who works and lives at home. I also care for my mother who is 82, and we also have 2 dogs. So cooking, cleaning and caring for others is a big part of my life. That is why by going overseas through Moviestar Makeovers, I was able to just care for myself. Everyone knew I was going to have this procedure done and I posted photos on my facebook almost daily.

From my before pictures, you can see I was looking tired and needed to look and feel refreshed… My neck and lower face was the worst.

Brilliant surgeon, hospital and holiday 
From the moment I arrived, I knew I had made the right decision. The driver and car were there for us. He was pleasant and took us straight to our hotel. Moviestar Makeovers organized an appointment to see our Dr Jalil for our first meeting and he made me feel totally relaxed and I had no doubts the outcome would be good. We spent 3 nights in the hospital in a private room with very attentive nurses.

My cousin was not sick after the surgery but I was – which was a little distressing but all was done to make me feel better. We were up and walking after 2 or 3 days and we went out for a short shopping outing 5 days after. I was very swollen and my cousin was more bruised. 

After a week, we were out at restaurants every lunch and dinner and rested every afternoon. We went to the gym, did some walking on the treadmill and went to the sauna on the second week. We had lunch twice a week during the get togethers. This is good as we met others and traded experiences. Ten of us also arranged dinner at the Twin Towers restaurants, all went to a fish spa and had a good laugh.

Looking absolutely fabulous 
The trip home was long KL/ SYD/ BNE/ Surfers. After 3 weeks, we very excited to go home. All our friends and family were there to greet us and all were thrilled with the results even though we were still swollen.

I think I look quite good, though still stiff. It’s been 29 days and every one says I look good – even my dentist. I sing and now I will be able to sing without worrying about my neck and chin sagging when I lower my face. It’s wonderful. 

Moviestar Makeovers staff are all wonderful, attentive and always ready to help. Don’t hesitate if you want a facelift plus a holiday as well. Well worth it. I have recommended Moviestar Makeovers to everyone I meet.

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