Procedures: Lower Facelift, Necklift
Cost of holiday: Approximately $10,000 AUD inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $20,000+

After a long delay in having surgery, Jann only wished she’d done it sooner.





This is her story:

Surgery for half the cost
I considered my surgery to help me feel better about myself. I was always conscious of my neck and every time I looked into the mirror, I was looked at it.

I talked it over at length with a few close girlfriends and then asked myself “what the delay was”. I still needed reassurances from Moviestar Makeovers Manager in Melbourne as it was quite a delay after making the decision and actually taking time off from work to board the plane and be on my way.

I consulted a surgeon at home, who told me he would not operate under $20,000.

I did not feel confident in having this surgery in Australia after thoroughly investigating procedures (in day surgery) and after care services. After comparing not only the price, but what Moviestar Makeovers was offering in treatment, I did not think twice about going to Malaysia.

I only told my husband and a few close friends, I think they were as nervous as I was.

The best surgeon
Dr Nasir was obviously very clever and I related to him immediately. The hospital staff were caring and I was really looked after, they could not have done more for me.

The Moviestar Makeovers staff were friendly, supportive and again they could not have done more for me.

I was feeling very nervous before surgery and although the hospital staff tried to relax me. After surgery, I was so relieved and the care I received was wonderful.

I stayed in hospital for three days after surgery as I was feeling sick and a bit weak through the pain killers (not that it was very painful) and I was by myself.

It took me about five days to feel confident enough to go out more than just to the local grocery store. 

I took Arnica tablets to help with the bruising. I must admit I had quite a few vivid strange dreams, I think it was the combination of the anaesthetic, the surgery and how I looked at the time, (a bit like a soccer ball).

I would recommend that you stay in the middle-range hotel, I stayed in the lowest range and at times found it rather stifling. 

Unbelievable results
I was all three going home – thrilled, confident, nervous but really happy with the whole achievement.

After 18 months down the track, I think most people have forgotted I had it. I have met quite a few new people e.g. my staff and they have no idea, (but they cannot believe I am my age).

A couple of months ago a girlfriend and myself had some beauty shots done (a couple enclosed). This, I would never have done before.

I feel more confident in just about every way. I have been promoted to a manager and I feel the way I look helps me to keep the respect of other women a lot younger than myself.

I would recommend to try to be involved with Moviestar Makeovers activities, especially if you are travelling alone.

I know that I am extremely happy with my outcome and I feel I certainly made the right choice for the surgery and for choosing Moviestar Makeovers.

I cannot fault Moviestar Makeovers, service, support, professionalism and friendliness. Looking back, it was a nervous but sucessful and rewarding experience.

I would certainly recommend Moviestar Makeovers to friends and family and have already done so.

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