Procedures: Full facelift
Cost of holiday: approx $10,700NZD, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, flights to KL, 5 star accommodation for 17 days, and all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $15,000+

“The face now matches how I feel on the inside.”





This is her story:

Re-inventing my life 
My 30-year marriage ended two years ago and it was at that point I decided to get my teeth fixed and have plastic surgery. I spent 15 months in braces and once the veneers and bridges were in place, I booked my surgery holiday. 

I had seen Louise Cogan on TV in NZ when she launched her business and had been receiving newsletters for nearly two years, planning my move.

At age 56, my face had fallen badly and didn’t do my new teeth any favours. I have also just left the family business and now have to find a new job.

There is a lot of age discrimination out there.

I was going to have other procedures done as well, the breasts enlarged, liposuction but I managed to lose 20kg by myself over those two years. It was really only the face that let me down.

I didn’t consult any surgeons back home and I guess the price was a big factor – that and the fact that you could heal away from prying eyes for a few weeks.

I told everyone – that is the sort of person I am. Even my 81 year old father was supportive.

The norm – surgery, recovery and shopping
Dr. Jalil was wonderful – you feel you can trust him totally and he does not talk down to you. Very compassionate and understanding. 

I was a bit nervous but this was the 23rd surgery I have had (none of them were plastic surgery) so I knew what to expect on a physical angle.

I had two nights in hospital. I was sick after surgery but an injection stopped that. I don’t remember feeling any pain – just discomfort. I was discharged with sleeping pills, swelling pills and antibiotics.

We rested for the first week as planned, only venturing out to the local shops. We went on three bus tours and had several trips to the many malls over the second week.

The girls from Moviestar Makeovers were fabulous – the daily visits were most welcome and you never felt alone and uncared for. You also make friends with other clients who stay at the apartments with you. Some of them I still communicate with.

Never alone and uncared for 
Now that it is over, I am thrilled with the results although I still have bruising under the eyes. I took medication which caused my blood to clot and I bruised more than other patients and I also developed large blood clots on my face and neck. These were unfortunate but are healing now. 

It has been 37 days since my surgery and I think it will be another two weeks before I can go job hunting. Most people looked fine in two weeks – not me.

I would have to say that the first couple of days were a bit scary – I didn’t really know what to expect and got a bit of a shock when I first saw myself. I guess it doesn’t matter how many accounts you read – the reality will always be different. 

On a happier note, it does pass quickly and you just look forward to the daily improvements.

I would happily recommend the team to anyone considering having plastic surgery done (in fact I have a couple coming over soon on my recommendation). 

You don’t feel alone in a strange country and the doctor is always just a phone call away. He gave me his cell phone number to use any time when I returned – I have not had to but it is nice to have it.

My recommendation is to “Go for it.”

A lesson in courtesy 
I think that the people in Malaysia are wonderful. The people in New Zealand could learn a lesson from them. Even in one of the malls, we just asked the shop manager which entrance to take to find a taxi stand. She left the shop with her assistant, took us through the mall, down the stairs and put us in a taxi. Most unexpected.

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*These case studies are actual feedback that patients have provided and the photos have not been digitally enhanced. Every patient is an individual and therefore results will vary from patient to patient.