Procedures: Mid Facelift, Lower Blepharoplasty
Cost of holiday: AUD $10,623 (including accommodation). Cost of just the treatments at home $30,000
Surgeon:  Dr Witoon, Phuket, Thailand

This is her story:

I joked about having a facelift for a few years before I became quite serious two years ago. Botox helped with the frown lines, but unfortunately my lower face started to sag quite rapidly. To my horror, I developed jowls and a turkey neck that seemed to be progressing almost weekly. No amount of microdermabrasion or anti-ageing creams were helping and I began to get quite distressed and disappointed when I looked in the mirror.

I talked with my husband who was very supportive and encouraged me to ‘just do it’.

I know that facial plastic surgery is very expensive in Australia so I didn’t bother seeing a surgeon here. I started researching overseas cosmetic surgery options and after much investigation and reading, I contacted Moviestar Makeovers for a quote. It helped that I knew someone that had had surgery in Thailand through Moviestar Makeovers and raved about how wonderful her experience had been.

I was impressed with GG’s prompt reply and with the affordability of my surgery. Paula, from GG was wonderful. She was very professional and helpful, and organized everything for me. Her support was second to none, and as I was travelling alone, this was very important to my husband, to know that I was being looked after – he could breathe a sigh of relief.

I was delighted to discover my surgeon was to be Dr Witoon, one of the most recognized plastic surgeons in Thailand. I can’t speak highly enough of the hospital and it’s staff. I felt like a VIP from the
moment I arrived at the hospital. The nurses and liaison staff- yes, they have liaison staff! – were just outstanding.

I went into my consultation with Dr Witoon feeling good, but had a feeling he was going to suggest that I have a lower blepharoplasty, as there was some damage under one of my eyes from a previous treatment involving needling. My worry was that I’d seen photos of lower blephs that had dragged the lower eyelid down and was terrified that might happen to me. Thankfully, this was the first thing he addressed and that extreme care would have to be taken as the under eye is very delicate and taking too much would drag the eyelid down. Yay! After that, I was completely comfortable and would have walked into surgery right then and there. I was so relaxed the next day when I arrived for surgery, Dr Witoon commented that I didn’t look the least bit nervous.

I woke up from surgery, was taken back to my lovely hospital room and attended to again like a VIP. I felt great. Already I could see my face was full, even though there was lots of swelling, I looked a hundred times better than before.

I was free to go back to the resort the next day.

Although I travelled alone, I certainly didn’t feel alone. The GG girls plus others who were having surgery – well,we were one big happy family. The third night I went out to dinner with my bandages on! My family is still astounded by this and wouldn’t have believed it if there weren’t photos to prove it! I just felt so comfortable with everyone…

The first three days after surgery were spent relaxing. I think this helped with my speedy recovery and along with drinking lots of water – through a straw – as I couldn’t open my mouth very wide. There was no pain, but my face felt numb and weird to touch.

Day four I was out and about with the girls having a foot massage and pedicure. Of course there were plenty of bargains to be had shopping also!

On day six, under instruction from Dr Witoon, (and with Paula’s help) I took the bandages off, and washed my hair. The next day, I had my lower blepharoplasty stitches removed. You could hardly see that they had been there. Very impressive. Three days later the rest of the stitches came out. I felt fantastic.

For me, the best result was that I would look the same, just refreshed. I am thrilled to report that that is what I got. Since being back home, I have had fabulous feedback from family and friends that knew. Those that didn’t haven’t picked that I’ve had work done, but comment on how well I look.

I am just so grateful to the Moviestar Makeovers girls, Loraine and Paula in Phuket for taking such good care of me and making my trip stress free.

A huge thank you to Dr Witoon, the nurses and staff at the Bangkok Hospital, Phuket for their wonderful work.

I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about having cosmetic surgery, coupled with a holiday, to contact Moviestar Makeovers, you will be so well looked after!

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