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Get your accommodation for HALF PRICE when you bring a friend who is also having surgery!

Promotional Terms:

  • You must have a minimum spend of RM16,750 (approx. AUD5,220) each.
  • as a bonus if you have surgery with Dr Jalil you will receive 1 x facial rejuvenation – treatment of Laser CO2 worth RM1,500 (AUD500)
  • Minimum 14 days in our 2 bedroom 5 star St Mary’s apartment for only AUD$1,260 a saving of AUD$1,260!
  • The apartment sleeps up to 4 people and is fully self- contained.
    (if more than two adults stay, a minimal surcharge will apply of AUD200 children free)
  • So get together with like-minded friends and get the best surgeon/accommodation package
  • Surgery must be booked by end of July and completed by end December 2014.

Accommodation includes:

  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Hairdryers
  • Safes in each room
  • TV/DVD Player

(Please note: apartment has a maid service Monday to Friday – extra surcharge for any cleaning requested on the weekend)

Choose from the following two Surgeons:

Read about two of Dr. Jalil’s clients in their quest for physical transformations.

Our Mother and Daughter Surgery Holiday Journey Destination Malaysia with Moviestar Makeovers and Dr Jalil 
“Just a quick catch up to say we are having an amazing experience and everything is going wonderfully! Life changing for Mum and I plus the support from all here in KL is amazing. Mum and I went to a get together today and met 2 ladies from Adelaide, had lots of laughs and met a few more staff – Amrit and Misty and not to forget Richard, Sathia and Mr Han, three of the lovely drivers.”

“We have had a lot of fun with all here and have promised to call in on staff at the hospital before we leave, from nursing staff to the food ladies they all treated us like family. Of course the star …Dr Jalil. Humble man with gifted hands, he is all you said he would be!….. No wonder the title Dato’ (Sir) is honored to him. Dr Jalil called in on us each morning then again after surgery, often with his late nights we already were fast asleep”.

“Julianna arranged it so that we shared a room at BWMC which was the “Melrose Suite” and even though my mum could have gone back to the Hotel Dr Jalil said it was ok to stay with me at no charge for the bed as I needed to stay on a little extra.”

“The GG Nursing and Customer Services Team are wonderful. Julianna is tireless in her job to make everything perfect for us.!!! We really enjoyed meeting them all”.Healing process in progress with our priority to rest but with Dr Jalil’s agreement today Mum and I will begin to venture out a lot sooner than we thought, but are glad we have the time within the trip for this.

Again, Paula, a big thank you for all your tips and advice as they have immensely helped to make this happen. We are happy to recommend Moviestar Makeovers and the wonderfully Skilled Surgeon Dr Jalil to anyone.


Tour Bangkok in October! Coming Soon in Our Next Newsletter

Join other likeminded ladies looking to rejuvenate their sex lives with a Vaginoplasty (vaginal rejuvenation)
Special tour arranged for October 2014, with 15 ladies having either a breast augmentation or vaginoplasty or both!

Read about our Top Quality Gynaecalogical Department in our international accredited private hospital, with top surgeons with over 16 years experience specialising in collporaphy (vaginoplasty anterior and posterier) labiaplasty, perineoplasty trained in the USA. In our next newsletter, we will be sending out all the details. Please join us on this fabulous tour to Bangkok, with special events to make your trip memorable, a fabulous luxury boutique hotel to recuperate in, and free consultation at the largest Dental clinic in Asia.

Case Studies:Of Breasts and Body 
1. From A to DD cups – Nancy is beyond happy with her new look. Read Nancy’s story. 
2. In her attempts to defy gravity, Angela gave her face and body a new lease of life. Read Angela’s story. 
3. Kristena is thrilled that she and her ‘additions’ are finally getting attention. Read Kristena’s story.

Or find a client you can relate with from our collection of case studies, read their testimonials or simply join our discussion forum for support you need. Contact us for before and after photos, talking with past clients or a chat with your surgeon.

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