Procedures: Facelift, Chin Lipectomy, Lateral Chest Lift, Arm Lift, Thigh Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction to Abs and Knees, Forehead Fillers
Cost of holiday: Approximately $26,000 CAD inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 30 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $50,000+ CAD

Karen loves her results and can finally appreciate her body much more now.











This is her story:

Cost-effective options
I had some dental work done in Thailand two years ago and when I was doing my research on where to go, I discovered the Moviestar Makeovers site. 

I had a few areas of concern – namely my sagging and bagging face – so I was intrigued and began looking into it further. I really like what I found and decided that I would come to Malaysia for a full facelift when I could save the money. The cost of the procedures were a fraction of what I would have to pay here at home, even including the travel and accommodation expenses! Plus, I would be able to have a nice holiday along with everything else! 

As I made plans, I decided that I would have a few other procedures done to address some areas of my body that were problematic for me. I did not have the procedures because of my weight, which is within a fairly normal range, but because of my shape and some bulges that were in rather awkward and bothersome places! 

One of the most bothersome areas was the underarm boobage that prevented me from ever being able to wear a top that hadn’t been altered in some way! I always had to buy XL sizes to fit across my chest and under my armpits, and then take them in around my waist and shoulders so I didn’t look like I was wearing a muumuu! I had also had some liposuction on my stomach several years before that had left bumps and lumps and sagging skin that I wanted to have lifted and smoothed out. I also decided that 54 years of my thighs rubbing together should come to an end! 

Basically, I just wanted to have a body that could fit into, and wear, normal-sized clothing that didn’t have to be altered in some way! I can tell you that the amount of money I have spent altering my clothes over the years has probably been almost as much as my surgery cost!

I am a very active person, doing cardio and weight training exercise at least three or more time per week. I also teach Kindergarten, which is a highly active job! I have never smoked or drank alcohol, so I was not concerned about my overall health. I always felt young and fit, but my body was beginning to show otherwise. I got tired of people asking me if I was tired or not feeling well because of the bags and sags on my face – especially around my eyes. 

My initial decision to come to KL was only to have a facelift. I had checked in to it here at home and the cost was just too prohibitive for me. After I discovered Moviestar Makeovers, I was excited to see that they also offered package deals that included multiple procedures. This is when I decided to expand my surgery options. 

I am also a very open person who does not think there is anything wrong with a person having surgery to improve their looks! I told all of my family and close friends what I was planning and they were all very supportive, even though a few said that I didn’t really need it! I had gone to Thailand on my own, so I was not too nervous about going to Malaysia on my own.

Brilliant experience
It was a very long flight from Canada to KL and I was quite tired when I arrived. I was picked up promptly from the airport and brought to the Maytower where I stayed during my trip. I was impressed with how friendly and professional the staff were who met me and helped me settle in. My client manager, Rowena, was awesome, and the other staff were all just so helpful and patient with me during my entire stay! The room was not fancy, but it was clean and well furnished and met all my needs. I wasn’t planning on spending too much time in it anyway! 

When I was taken to the Prince Court Medical Center to meet the doctor and get checked in, I was very impressed with the hospital and the staff. It was truly a lovely place! All the staff, from the person who checked me in, to the doctor, to the nurses who cared for me, were all wonderful, professional, and caring people! I have never had such good care in a hospital setting before!

Because I was having multiple procedures, I ended up having two surgeries about a week apart. I was in the hospital a total of eleven days, during which time I had the best care ever! My incisions healed nicely and I was able to get up and around almost immediately after each surgery. 

My only problem was a reaction to the morphine after my first surgery. I was very ill for about a day and a half until it all got out of my system. I also had some allergic reactions to the tape that was used on my incisions. They changed the medication for my second surgery so that I was not sick at all, but I still had a reaction to the tape. I was not in any pain – just some natural soreness when moving around – but not enough to have to take pain medication. I did not take any pain medication after the first day as I did not feel that I needed it.

I feel that my recovery went very well. I was able to be up and about almost immediately after my surgeries. I was a little too rambunctious after my second surgery and pulled a few stitches out of my thigh lift that had to be re-stitched – not a pleasant experience!

The nursing staff checked on me regularly and were kind and gentle when cleaning and dressing my incisions. They even helped me braid my hair so that it wouldn’t fall in my face after my face lift! I really appreciated the wonderful care I received from them during my eleven days in hospital!

I must say, though, that I was very happy when I was finally discharged! I was really looking forward to going sightseeing and shopping! I was also looking forward to meeting with the other clients and sharing experiences and developing friendships. I really enjoyed going on the outings planned by the Moviestar Makeovers staff and attending the weekly luncheons for the clients. It was really nice to meet friends I could hang out with and do things with!

Loving me so much more
I am so very happy with my results! I love the new look of my face, even though there are still some changes taking place, and I am happy with the results from my other surgeries, too. I took a picture of the progress of my facelift each day during my stay and sent it to my friends and family. I didn’t want them to be too shocked at the change! They were all very excited for me and some are even considering having a few nips and tucks themselves! 

I think I am the most excited about the “breast reduction” I had under my armpits! I can wear a size M top now that does not have to be altered in any way and my arms actually can lay flat at my sides! Before, because of the underarm boobage, I always looked like I was getting ready to take off in flight! This was one of the very first things my friends and family noticed about me (after my face)! 

I am thrilled with my new look! I don’t think my overall life has changed too much, since I had a pretty good one to begin with, but I now look as fresh and energetic as I feel! I have had many people comment on how “rested” and refreshed I look, so I know that my facelift achieved what I wanted it to!

I would definitely recommend Moviestar Makeovers to anyone interested in cosmetic surgery. In fact, all of my friends and family have already been regaled with stories and pictures of my great experience! 

My advice to someone considering cosmetic surgery would be to really do the research on the procedure(s) you want and understand the pros and cons involved in those procedures. I chose Moviestar Makeovers because of the variety of package deals they offered for multiple procedures, but also for the amazing and comprehensive pre and post-operative care they offered. I was really taken care of, both before and after my surgery! 

The staff of Moviestar Makeovers made sure that every need was met, whether it was extra towels, or internet service, or an appointment made, or trip planned. They bent over backwards to make sure I was happy and satisfied with everything. I am sure I was rather annoying at times, but they always took care of me with a smile and a caring attitude. That alone would make me recommend Moviestar Makeovers to anyone above any other company.

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*These case studies are actual feedback that patients have provided and the photos have not been digitally enhanced. Every patient is an individual and therefore results will vary from patient to patient.