Profession: DET – Teacher
Age: 40
Country: Australia
Procedures: Breast Lift and Augmentation, Tummy Tuck
Cost of holiday: Approximately $12,600 AUD inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $32,000 AUD+

Tired of her matronly outfits to hide her ghastly surgical scars, Kendall finally decided enough was enough.





This is her story:
I considered a tummy tuck and breast augumentation after a radical hysterectomy to remove a 35cm tumour in 2004. 

The scarring was horrific, and it detrimentally changed my abdominal shape, was very uncomfortable wearing any clothing that came into contact with the scar. It was also very confronting to view and I felt ‘butchered’ as an oncologist performed the procedure, not a cosmetic plastic surgeon. My breasts were also very saggy, and had lost significant tissue/mass after breastfeeding. For approximately 6 years, I did not feel that my body was ‘mine’, and I certainly didn’t recognise it anymore in the mirror!

My decision to have plastic surgery via Moviestar Makeovers: was to have a combined experience of comprehensive cosmetic surgery at a high-standard private hospital, utilising a highly-competent professional surgeon and the opportunity to recuperate in a 5- star Resort. As an independent single parent, I work very hard for my income, so value for money was also of paramount importance.

I travelled ‘solo’ which was my choice!

I took two years to plan and research O/S cosmetic surgery, I spoke and met several women who had used Moviestar Makeovers and viewed their procedures/results. I also used their information for choice of surgeon and location, and researched all aspects before I even considered surgery.

Surgery was the only corrective measure, diet and exercise regimes were unhelpful and farcical in relation to the damage that previous abdominal surgeries had left. (I did try for years to rectify my appearance).

My abdominal appearance was very confronting, I had two distorted bellybuttons, ropey red/angry scarring and cleaved muscle walls which resulted in a ‘bum’ like mass on top of my stomach. Highly unattractive and uncomfortable to wear any type of clothing that came into contact. Wearing maternity tops was becoming tiresome.

I consulted a well known cosmetic and plastic surgeon at the Eden Institute NSW. The financial cost was excessive and unrealistic.

I planned my trip independently, however key family members were advised. They were all very supportive and excited for me (as was I).

I was nervous (as ANY surgery can have associated risks) and excited that I was finally being proactive and doing something that was very important personally, and long over-due.

Dr. Nasir was extremely professional, thorough, caring and highly competent.

PCMC was fantastic. The food served was restaurant quality, prepared by on-site chefs. I can highly recommend the Atlantic Salmon steak! All staff were very attentive, highly competent and respectful. The hospital was exceptionally modern and clean – without the risks of infection, unlike the ‘broken system’ hospitals that I have experienced in Australia – which nearly cost me my life due to professional negligence in 2004.

I relaxed after my hospital admission, went and toured KLCC, and had my consultation with Dr. Nasir the following morning. I was discharged 6 days after my multiple procedures, in very good health and spirits!

Basically, my recovery was excellent. I made friends with a fellow Aussie and we both scheduled our own day trips, using taxis to get around at first so that we didn’t exert ourselves and compromise our health. My accommodation was at the Doubletree by Hilton. 

Once I had more energy, I utilised the excellent metro and monorail systems, which were fast, cheap, safe and reliable to navigate around the ‘golden triangle’ of KL with confidence. 

Recovery plan: Sightsee in the AM, relax after lunch, from 2pm onwards either poolside or in my 5-star executive suite. The food was sensational everywhere – especially Madame Kwan’s @ KLCC – authentic Malaysian cuisine. I would recommend experiencing street food as much as possible – fabulicious and cheap! 

I had Lasik procedures at Optimax to correct my vision – after wearing spectacles for 30 years, this was truly brilliant! I also had multiple pedicures, massages, my hair cut, coloured and styled and a genuinely relaxing experience. I didn’t want to leave my new celebrity-like lifestyle, however I returned home (still a caterpillar), confidently changing into a fabulous butterfly!

My breasts have fullness, symmetry and a beautiful shape – I love my “Betty Blockbusters”, and the nipples are smoothing out really nicely. I am very attracted to myself again! That may sound introverted, but I’m enjoying seeing the positive changes in my healing – I like what I see! I feel like my boobs are 21 again – a nice rack!

My abdominal healing is also very impressive – a flat stomach is slowly appearing – and when all the swelling subsides, I might even have some muscle definition back! I now have only one bellybutton (very cute – should have asked for the heart-shaped one for something truly special!) and all my hysterectomy scarring has been dramatically reduced and neatened. My figure is now a definite hour-glass shape, instead of a keg-on-legs appearance. I now wear clothes that accentuate my waist, instead of maternity tops and moo-moo sack-like fashion-victim atrocities.

I think that in 12 months or so it should be almost be undetectable, especially the transverse section. Thank you Dr. Nasir!

Get familiar with the public transport system and try as much street food as possible – brilliant experience if you’re a ‘foodie’. Drink plenty of water, and rest as much as possible. Ask your Moviestar Makeovers rep for mobile phone hire – very inexpensive rates to call home. Visit Ampang Park shopping centre to purchase excellent quality post-operative underwear, at significantly cheaper prices, as you will need more than one set. BB Plaza is the best location for shopping, bargains and finding something different.

I am scheduling liposuction and eyelid procedures in the not to distant future. Moviestar Makeovers has excellent individual service, support at every step of the way. I would particular like to thank and recommend Christina and Rosalind, very professional, hardworking and caring Moviestar Makeovers representatives, who are an asset to the company. My sister and her husband are also planning to use Moviestar Makeovers for their required procedures – tummy tuck, breast augmentation (for her of course!) and Eye Lasik for him! Can’t wait – two more ‘beautiful people’ – maybe we’ll plan a family holiday in KL!

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