Profession: Part time actress/Housewife
Age: 42
Country: New Zealand
Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Cost of holiday: Approximately $4,600 inclusive of surgery, 5-star accommodation for 10 days, hospital stay, all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $10,000 -15,000

In return for Kim’s selfless care for her elderly in-laws, her hubby got her a pair lovely Christmas presents.



This is her story:

Hated my “surf board chest” 
I was always teased in high school, mostly the boys – they would call me “surf board chest” etc.. As an adult, I’ve never really had a problem with my size. I feel very proud that I breastfed both my children for nearly two years each.

The idea of having the surgery with a holiday all in one appealed to me because I was overworked and was in great need for some timeout.

I wasn’t nervous upon arrival. My family knew about my surgery and were very supportive. My friends were envious when they knew about it though!

I did a lot of homework as far as the procedure and the Moviestar Makeovers. I flew over and went ahead with the surgery, with fantastic results! 

My surgeon, Dr. Nasir and staff are very professional and caring. They were all very dedicated to their patients. I was discharged from the hospital a day after surgery. A GG nurse in charge of my post-surgery care visited me everyday in my hotel.

A quick recovery 
On the third day, I was out and about being a tourist. On the fourth day, my stitches were dissolved and I was no longer on any pain relieve. I was so excited to go home to see my children and husband. I have no hesitation in recommending this great surgery holiday because it is so safe, and the support is wonderful.

I’ve always considered the options of breast augmentation but the prices in New Zealand wasn’t an affordable option. I was introduced to Moviestar Makeovers through a friend who had a surgery holiday with great results.

The best gift ever! 
This holiday was a gift from my husband. I moved his elderly parents into our home to care for them. This is a gift for his appreciation and all the hard work I did for his parents. And it’s the best thing anyone could have ever done for me.

A month before the surgery, I put myself onto Wagner Ester-C625mg and Radiance L-optizinc. After surgery, I continued taking these tablets then started to take Arnica tablets to help reduce bruising which I will say was very minimal. I still take the Ester-C tablets as they do promote tissue and wound healing which probably resulted in my fast recovery. 

I highly recommend this Moviestar Makeovers for their great team work, professionalism and dedication to me as a client and patient.

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