Nowadays, women and men want to look young and have a healthy silohuette.  There are some cosmetic procedures that will definetely help you with that.  Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty, and Brazilian Butt Augmentation are common for people who want to improve their appearance.  And there is also the Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Removal).  Also known as Cheek Reduction, this procedure will make you look gorgeous. People will love your new looks and you will feel amazing !

How is Bichectomy Performed ?

The fat pad of bichat are fat pockets located between the masseter muscle and the buccinator muscle (cheeks).  This surgery is performed with local anesthesia and intraoral incisions. The surgeon locates the fat pad and the excess is taken out.  The suture is placed and absorbed in a few days.   It is ambulatory and you do not need to stay at the hospital. And you can go back to work the next day.


  • Reduction of lower cheek volume
  • Reduction of facial plumpness
  • Enhancement of upper cheek
  • Facial and cheekbone contour
  • Slender and narrower facial contour
  • Cheekbones appear higher
  • Women: more sculpted lower facial contour
  • Men: more chiseled jawline and cheeks

This aesthetic procedure provides short-term results and a speed recovery.  Bichat adipose bags are not essential for the body so no worries.  Bichectomy is recommended if you have a round face, despite of exercises and diets.  Sometimes, these fat pockets are developed in an exaggerated way, and the result is a bulky face. Ideal candidates for this procedure are people who want to have a chiseled face.  Your full results may take up to three months but it is worthy.

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Scheduling your Teleconsultation

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