Procedures: Liposuction to Abdomen, Hips, Thighs and Back
Cost of holiday: Approximately $10,500, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $20,000+

From humorous encounters to meeting fabulous people, Margo’s holiday is simply as amazing as her results.





This is her story:

Running out of options 
I have been considering liposuction for some years following menopause. Once the “M” word became part of my life it pretty much tipped me and my body upside down.

My shape changed and it was as if my body took on a life of its own. From being a svelte size 10-12 for many years, in fact most of my life, my body turned into the shape of an pear – a very large pear and disproportionate to the rest of my body. My girth became a larger measurement than that of my bust. It was not fun and I felt wretched.

Despite joining a gym and attending at least three times weekly, watching what I ate to the point that I did not eat even a bean sprout more than my diet allowed, and hill walking almost every day, it was all to no avail. I felt defeated and so liposuction was a last resort for me.

It was lovely that my husband supported my decision. He had been by my side throughout all the previous efforts and frustrated days trying with everything I had to change things.

As I had been so very busy with my work, and recently contracting food poisoning which made me very ill, I made the decision to go ahead and began making contact with Moviestar Makeovers representatives. They were all so supportive and no matter how many questions or phone calls or emails I made, I never ever felt that I was a nuisance.

So once a price was agreed upon and I decided which accommodation I would stay in, a date for the surgery was set.

Queen for a day
Never did I feel nervous or alone. The flight over to Kuala Lumpur gave me the opportunity to relax and seeing Lim at the airport with my name emblazoned on a card, waiting for me, was just great. I felt like the queen!!

Lim waited whilst I changed some money and bought a local sim card then he drove me in the beautiful comfortable car with me lying down on the back seat, for the hours journey to Lanson Apartments.

20.6.09 – I love my little apartment. It is comfortable and has everything this gal needs. I awoke early as Lim was taking me to my consultation with Dr Tan. At the hospital, the beautiful Nor was waiting for me and she escorted me to the various pre surgery tests I required. It was very efficient.

I met other women who were also there with Moviestar Makeovers and who had had their surgery. They were quick to pass on that they were thrilled with their outcomes.

Moviestar Makeovers then invited me to a luncheon with a number of other clients. We talked and discussed and laughed together. Although I traveled on my own, there was never a time I felt alone.

21.6.09 Temperatures here are around a steady 30 degrees Celsius. Although warm, it is not so hot that it is unbearable. In fact, I loved it. I swam in the pool, went out for walks and took myself in to see some shops. I could do whatever I chose. I silently thank my husband for supporting me in this venture. Early to bed tonight, surgery tomorrow. Yay!!

The ‘fat spread’ 
22.1.09 – LET THE TRANSFORMATION BEGIN. I was collected early by car and driven to Sunmed Hospital. Dr Tan marked out my body with a felt marker. I continued to feel calm and stress free. No nerves, no worries.

0800hrs – theatre and ‘time travel’. When I awoke, I was back in my private room. I had a garment on that they must have poured me into in theatre. I felt suspended in a galaxy of nothingness for the next few hours and it was then I noticed the clock on the wall – it already was 4.30pm.

Whoa – how long was I in surgery?

I later learn the clock is hours ahead and I feel a bit like I am playing some surreal role in Alice in Wonderland.

Pain relief was offered on a regular basis for the rest of that day and during the night. The nursing staff were polite, knocking on the door prior to entering my room and always introducing themselves to this pile in the bed who would never ever remember their names, let alone their faces. I didn’t have the ooomph to tell them they were, in fact, talking to a zombie! But being in Neverland was comfortable.

I continued to drift in and out of sleep, a very pleasant, fuzzy space and discover I have an IV line in to my wrist and a catheter in to my bladder. Yay, that means I don’t have to roll off the bed to use the toilet. A nurse enters my room and picks up a long cylinder, one of four I believe, and asks me if I want to take it home. “What is it?” I ask. She replied that it was my fat!!! I am not sure what she thought I might like to do with it but humurous pictures began to pass through my imagination. Mmmm… perhaps I could use it to spread on my toast for breakfast!!

My guardian angels 
23.6.09 – Discharge day today. My little hospital holding place had served its purpose and my apartment bed was calling me home. Everything had gone without a hiccup except for one thing. An administrative staff member had visited me in my hospital room and asked me to sign my discharge papers, which I duly did. I am good at doing as I am told. The time was 10.30 am and I did not realise that that meant I had just discharged myself out right now at this time. Therefore when I asked for more pain relief it was denied as I was officially discharged.

I felt panic begin in the pit of my stomach and rise like bile into my throat. I think the name for that process is ‘panic’. I immediately rang Jasmine on my mobile and explained the situation to her. Like magic, she managed to talk to the nursing staff and organise pain relief for me. She became my guardian angel. I was so pleased I had taken my cell phone and that Jasmine’s number was on it.

Thank goodness for the Moviestar Makeovers staff, they are gutsy, caring, gentle and efficient women. : ) “Little Richard” the ‘crooner’ was my driver who took me back to my
wonderful little apartment.

Michelin Margo and her knickers 
24.6.09 Today, I am driven back to Sunmed for my first postop check up. Dr Tan is happy with my progress, the dressings are changed and now Nor and I have to pour my body back in to the special stretchy compression undergarment. I feel a bit like the Michelin Man.

26.6.09 Today I feel ready to go venture out and so I walk around the corner and across the walkway to the little shopping centre. I buy some bits and pieces and enjoy the little look around. As I am gaily walking back to the apartments, minding my own business and looking forward to being able to flop down on my bed when I get back, something very strange starts happening. I can feel something brushing against my lower legs. When I look down, I am alarmed to discover my knickers have dislodged themselves and with each step, they have arrived down around my ankles. I was unable to feel this happening due to my compression garment which finishes at the knees but then my travel sox begin at the knee. I wore them in order to hold back the swelling in my ankles. So here I am, this hapless foreigner standing in the busy street with her knickers down around her ankles. I have two choices here, I thought to myself. I either calmly step out of them or pull them back up. I opted to pull them up. Once I was safely inside my apartment, I convulsed with laughter at the situation. What a sight it must have been.

28.6.09 I am again invited to attend a Moviestar Makeovers hosted luncheon. Such fun and great to meet other like-minded people. I think in fact, that I would like to repeat the whole thing all over again. I had such a great time.

30.6.09 I discover at breakfast that Michael Jackson has died. A sad story for a sad man.

The breakfasts at Lanson are beautiful with wonderful choices.

1.7.09 Second follow up visit to Dr Tan. Sutures were painlessly removed and my progress checked. Given the ‘all clear’ was great. However, I am reminded it will take at least 2 -3 months for the body to settle down in to its new shape. I am not perturbed by this. After all, my body has been out of shape for so many years, what is another 3 months going to be? I am instructed to begin massaging the areas gently on a daily basis. Dr Tan kindly wrote a letter for me to present to the airline requesting I have preference for a seat that has extra room. I did, and I was.

Sleeping in those first days was sometimes a little uncomfortable due to the ‘heavy artillery’ of the compression garment. But I became accustomed to it and actually felt strange when I was not wearing it.

Refitting clothes for my gorgeous body 
During my period of recovery, I attended other activities that were kindly arranged by Moviestar Makeovers. We went to the Selangor factory, the fish spa where we had our feet nibbled and ‘gnashed’ by fish and another local meal. I didn’t want to go home. I was having a great time.

I am now 10 weeks post surgery. I continue to wear compression garments although not the strength of the original one. The bruising has long gone and my shape is changing. I now have a waist. What a treat!

I will recommence attending the gym in another few weeks. I am now looking forward to my holiday so I can wear my new smaller clothes. The ones I bought whilst on my Moviestar Makeovers in KL. They are gorgeous and I know I am going to feel really good in them.

All that remains to show I have had surgery are the little, tiny puncture scars. These will fade with time and are not in any way intrusive.

I suggest for others looking at surgery, that they begin taking Arnica for 2 weeks prior to surgery and continue for 2 weeks post surgery. This will ensure the bruising dissipates reasonably quickly. Mine had all but disappeared after only 4 days.

As good as it gets 
Moviestar Makeovers as a service is amazing. Their strategies for ensuring their clients are comfortable, stress free, not alone etc are a credit to the business of their overseas surgery business. The staff are friendly, supportive and have great senses of humour. Nothing is too much trouble so thank you to all those who were there to support me through this surgery process.

I highly recommend Moviestar Makeovers to anyone who has been thinking about taking the step toward holiday surgery, you will not be disappointed.

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