Profession: Nursing Assistant
Age: 54
Country: Australia
Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Cost of holiday: Approximately $8,500, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 2 weeks; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home AUD10,000 – 12,000.
“I am very, very pleased with the results of my surgery; it’s hard to describe the feelings I have.”



This is her story:

Taunted and unfulfilled
Most of my adult life, I have been very self conscious about the size of my breasts. It was always very difficult when buying certain clothes and bathers and not being able to fill out the top. I was also taunted about it by so-called “friends”, which made me feel not very sexy and womanly; and at times I blamed my mother when I was a teenager.

I used to wear padded bras to give myself a bust but I still felt unfulfilled. I had always considered having my breasts enlarged but wanted to have my family first and then there never seemed to be the money or the time to have this done; and in those times it really wasn’t an operation that was done as openly as it is now.

Cheaper than at home
I never actually consulted a surgeon but I had looked into the procedure and done a lot of homework. I had known a few women personally and through friends, that had the operation with varying results. Then, I started to hear and read various stories about people having surgery done overseas and how much cheaper it was than at home.

My daughter showed me the article in Cleo about your company and the great results you were getting and I went online and enquired and was very surprised at what you were offering for the prices (thought there had to be a catch) but thought no harm in looking into it and my changed circumstances would allow me to have the procedure done at that time.

It didn’t take long to organise flights, and your company had my accomodation and booking with the surgeon within a week of letting you know the dates we would be available to travel.

At ease in a strange country
At first, I think I was more excited than nervous as I was going to realise my dream. Firstly, to be able to travel, and then to have my breasts enlarged. The last week before we left, I began to realise what I would be doing in a strange country with no family there for me (not forgetting my partner). I told my children, mother and a few close friends. Most of whom were supportive but a few wondered why I wanted to put myself through this at my age.

I think I felt a little more at ease when we finally reached our destination and were met by Moviestar Makeovers. They were very reassuring and answered any questions that I asked them. Everything ran smoothly from arriving and settling in to our accomodation, and to seeing the surgeon that afternoon.

I began to really relax after meeting Dr. Jalil. I found him to be very approachable, and he explained in detail the proceedure and any risks that were liable to occur and answered all my questions. He did a thorough examination, and listened to me when I told him what result I was looking for.

Anxious on surgery day
I was anxious on the day of surgery but I guess they’re just normal. Moviestar Makeovers arranged the time with me that they would call and take me to the hospital after my appointment with Dr Jalil, so I was ready. The girls were very reassuring and put some of my doubts at rest.

On arrival at Ampang Puteri Hospital, I was taken into the office to be admitted. The Moviestar Makeovers girls were there to help through the whole procedure. I was taken to my room and assisted to be ready for the operation. The nurses were very friendly, though at times I had to ask them to repeat questions as it was hard for me to understand them.

After surgery, I was taken back to my room. I really can’t fault the nursing staff for the way they looked after me, although some of the nurses were training they were still very professional in their work ethics.

I was on painkillers which Dr Jalil had told me I would be but after the drip was taken out the next morning, I found that my pain level bearable and only needed to take the occassional painkiller which the hospital supplied me with before being discharged the following day, after lunch. I was transported back to our hotel room by the Moviestar Makeovers staff who made sure I was settled before they left.

Shopping and sightseeing
I had my surgery on the Monday and by the Wednesday I was starting to feel a little better; although still in pain but it was bearable. I spent the day relaxing by the pool and I also had a sauna at the hotel which I found helped the breasts feel more comfortable. I found it very difficult to get dressed for about a week and to raise my arms to wash my hair. The prices were so reasonable that I was able to have it washed at the hairdressers a couple of times and also to have a facial which brightened up my spirits.

I was able to go out and do some shopping and sightseeing most days but found I needed to lie down when I returned to take some of the pain away (I guess pressure or gravity). I found that I felt better if I was up and moving around, and as I said the hot shower and sauna really did help with the pain.

I really looked forward to going home as I had missed my family and my familiar surroundings but I felt a bit nervous as to what the reaction would be when they saw me for the first time. Although I had not gone overboard with the size of my new breasts, there was still a difference.

I did it for myself
I am very, very pleased with the results of my surgery; it’s hard to describe the feelings I have. It’s just great to have a bust and a more sexy figure. I don’t flaunt them, it’s just how they make me feel. I can now go into a shop and buy a bra or new swimsuit, and not have the problems that I had before my operation.

I think I have more self esteem and the comments I have had from my family and friends and also my partner have all been very favourable. The only way it has changed my life is that I feel better about myself, which was the whole idea from the start, I did it for myself and no one else.

You’re never too old
Go for it, if it’s what you really want for yourself; the difference in the way it has made me feel. I only wish I had of been able to do it years ago, but the old saying is, “You’re never too old”.

Ask lots of questions and then draw your own conclusions. I haven’t regretted one single moment; the experience of travelling to another country and seeing the different way of life, different values. They are very genuine people and I was surprised at the number of people who can speak a variety of languages.

Faultless service
The service we received while in Malaysia from the moment we arrived till the time we left was faultless. The staff at the hotel were always very helpful, the Moviestar Makeovers girls were on call 24 hours; and they arranged all the details of our stay, all the appointments, all the transfers to and from the airport, to the appointment with the surgeon and then to the hospital.

They stayed with me till I went to the theatre, checked on me after the surgery and were there in the morning to check on me again and to arrange to take me back to the hotel. They rang every day to see if I needed anything and called in to my room to check I was doing ok. They would arrange appointments if I wished to have some pampering done and transport me to and home again.

All the girls were very easy to talk to and very pleasant, they would answer any worries that I might have had and would phone the surgeon if I was at all concerned; nothing was too much trouble. It would be really hard to fault their service.

Doing another procedure in a year
I would not hesitate to recommend Moviestar Makeovers to any of my friends. My daughter is going to consider having the same operation when the circumstances permit and I would like to return to have another procedure done in the next twelve months.

I think one of the greatest benefits of choosing Moviestar Makeovers is that they arrange everything while you can concentrate on having the surgery and also having a wonderful holiday at the same time.

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