Membership Levels

We offer 3 membership levels to suit everyones requirement.

  • For members just starting their journey, a free membership will give you everything you need to get started.  You can also start earning points for activity to apply towards your package.
  • A patient membership is for those members who want access to a qualified consultant to assist you with unlimited quotes and putting your package together.  You can also earn points to apply for credit towards your package.
  • A business membership can link their own sites, and promote their own services to community members.  It also includes the ability to access all pricing.


  • Free access to standard content
  • Start earning rewards points


  • Access to all premium content
  • Personal booking assistance
  • Unlimited patient quotes
  • Careplus – post surgery support
  • Access to all pricing lists
  • Points for activity


  • Access to all premium content
  • Business Manager
  • Content Management
  • Templates, Quotes, Web Support
  • Access to all pricing