It is a fact that cosmetic surgery has evolved continuosly during the last decades.  Nowadays it is normal to talk about undergoing surgery to enhance your silohuette, look younger and feel amazing.  However, common misconceptions about the concept may lead to feelings of insecurity.  Fear of being ridiculized may stop you from having surgery done.  Do not dispair.  We have good news for you.  Cosmetic Surgery is not a taboo anymore.  Misconceptions usually mislead so let’s have a closer look.

1) Is It Only for Rich People ?

Cosmetic Surgery may not be cheap in your own country, but, you have this benefit abroad.  Countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic or Turkey have amazing prices and offer excellent quality.  You can also apply with financial institutions that specialize in covering the cost of surgery along with flights and accommodations.  And there is always the option of paying out of pocket.  A cosmetic holiday is definitely affordable for everyone interested in having surgery done in a paradisiac destination.

2) Is It All About Vanity ?

The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure may be driven by emotional, social, or professional reasons.   The goal is definietely to look more attractive but it has profound motivations.   While many people need to look wonderful because its particular job demands it, others may need to blend in a society in which beauty is a priority.  However,  our emotions play an important role in our decision making process.  The idea of looking beautiful and young is not about vanity.  It is all about feeling confortable in your own skin.

3) Is it Dangerous ?

Statistics have shown that 1 out of 100,000 people die undergoing cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic Surgery is not dangerous and surgeons are committed to “Patient Safety First”.  Hospitals safety programs have been strenghtened because of covid19, and they are more secure than ever before.  It is important to understand that there is no risk of  major complications.   The duration of most of the procedures is between 3-6 hours and you will stay usually 1 night in the hospital for observation to ensure a good outcome.

4) Is it Noticeable ?

The majority of people gets very natural results and you may never know who has undergone cosmetic surgery.  Vanguard cosmetic procedures are all about natural looks.  The time when big breast implants were noticeable is gone.  Facelift scars are hidden and people will just admire your younger look.  But keep in mind that there are some procedures that will definitely leave a visible scar, like the arm lift.  A regular tummy tuck will also leave a scar but it will be worth it.  Your silohuette will be redefined and you will look very slim and attractive.

5) Is it Only for Women ?

Believe it or not, men are looking more often for facelifts, six pack and daddy do overs. They want a youthful appearance and a more attractive body. Regaining confidence and self-esteem can make them fast-track their way up the corporate ladder.   A guy who feels confortable in his own skin will be happier.   Success is easier to achieve when feelings of inadequacy or depression are gone.   Men has always admired beauty, and they are entitled to feel great when looking themselves in the mirror.

4) Are Women More Concerned than Men About their Looks ?

Statistics have shown that the concern about looking good is equal in women and men.   Men are also interested in being attractive and look younger.  Hair restoration is a common cosmetic procedure along with facelifts and jowl implants that enhances their appearance.  And there are also procedures designed exclusively for men, like the famous six pack.   It is a fact that men like to look at the mirror and admire their athletic body.   They want to be good-looking but a masculine chest is much more attractive.

5) Is it an Obsesession  ?

Being obsessed with its own image is not the reason why people decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. Statistics have proven that 70% interest is to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.  It is a fact that if you feel well, you look good.  What people need is congruency.  An important businessperson wants to make an impression.  An athlete wants to have a toned body.   Young people want to look gorgeous.  So it is as simple as a desire to smile with satisfaction when you look yourself in the mirror.

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