Procedures: Full Facelift including Upper and Lower Eyes, Lip Fillers
Cost of holiday: Approximately $8,700 inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $30,000+

Moyra’s husband is now convinced he’s got himself a younger chick!





This is her story:

Feeling old and depressed
I considered plastic surgery for many years and recently lost 15kg. My face lost that round healthy look and the wrinkles became more pronounced. I felt old, tired and generally depressed with my appearance.

Several years prior, I had seen a story about Moviestar Makeovers in The Australian Women’s Weekly, which I emailed on impulse, sent a picture and got a quote. I discussed this with my husband who encouraged me to go ahead. I was very nervous before my holiday, and I only told my best friend, my husband and my son & his wife what I was having done.

I chose surgery in Malaysia rather than in Australia because of cost. Cosmetic surgery is VERY expensive here. I had several consultations with various places and it was way to expensive. I did have botox done 2 months prior to deciding to contact Moviestar Makeovers but that only firmed my forehead, the rest was still sagging.

I chose Moviestar Makeovers over other companies (I did research plenty of others on the internet) because I felt Moviestar Makeovers had such a good reputation and they were the one for me.

Well and above any Aussie hospital 
I travelled to Malaysia by myself and felt quite nervous about the whole thing until I arrived there. Moviestar Makeovers had of course arranged everything, the team were just fantastic – the hospital 7 star, the surgeon the best. 

I can truthfully say I did not have one day of depression after my operation. I have made some great friends, who were having surgery themselves, which is
encouraged by Moviestar Makeovers.

Even though Dr Nasir was rushed off his feet, I felt he covered every aspect of the operation thoroughly with me. He is very professional and kind.

The hospital staff were really excellent, and the hospital itself puts any Australian one to shame.

Moviestar Makeovers staff were so supportive I couldn’t get over it, nothing was too much trouble. I give them 10/10.

After surgery, I was in a bit of discomfort but the hospital gave me any medication I needed. I felt pretty good when I was discharged, still naturally a bit of discomfort.

I stayed in the hotel the next day with cold packs on my face, the Moviestar Makeovers nurse came and washed my hair and dressed my wound.

I was out and about the next day, and went out every day thereafter until unfortunately it was time to leave home from shoppers paradise. I was a bit nervous about going home as I was still a bit swollen but knew that every day I was going to be better and better, and I am.

I took vitamin C, I didn’t take Arnica as it made me feel ill, I also used and still using Vitamin E on my face.

Over the moon
The first time my 8 year old grandaughter saw me, she said “Nanny, you look like you have had an extreme makeover”, (she didn’t know what I had done) that made me feel a million dollars, people are commenting on how great I look but can’t quite work out what is different about me.
What a feeling when they say how fabulous you are looking. My husband loves
it, says he feels like an old bloke who has got himself a young chick (I don’t know about that).

I would most definitely recommend Moviestar Makeovers to other people, in fact I can’t praise them highly enough. It is not only a job to them they are so kind to the patients. The outings Moviestar Makeovers organise are fabulous. I would certainly go back.

Moviestar Makeovers you changed my life and have made me look 10 years younger, thank you.

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*These case studies are actual feedback that patients have provided and the photos have not been digitally enhanced. Every patient is an individual and therefore results will vary from patient to patient.