Face and Body Sculpting with Implants

Body sculpting using implants has been done since the end of WW2.  The rush started with the breast implants in the 60’s.  Since then, the quality and safety of these products have constantly improved.   Nowadays there are various areas of the body that can be enhanced with the aid of implants.  Cosmetic surgeons use them to make a defined contour which enhances the silouhette.  The ultimate goal of is to produce a more athletic, young and sexy appearance.   A powerful look is very attractive.

Facial Implants

  • Cheek Implants – Available for male/female. These are recommended if you do not have pronounced cheeks or have lost their fullness because of aging.
  • Chin implants – Available for male/female.  They are placed in the tip of the chin to make it more prominent and stylished.  These implants come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Jaw implants – Available for male/female.  They increase the width of the lower third of the face.  The result is a well defined and masculine jawline.  The goal is to provide the face with a balanced and strong look.

Body Implants

  • Bicep Implants – Available for males.  Biceps augmentation makes a significant improvement in the upper arms. Male’s silohuette in general looks much more masculine and attractive.
  • Breast Implants – Available for females.  They enhance the body contour and correct volume loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding.  They can also help to reconstruct size asymmetries.
  • Buttock Implants – Available for females.   The butt has always been considered one of the most attractive features in women.  A round and plump bottom is always admired !
  • Calf Implants – Available for males/females.   Ideal for people that wish to attain more defined calfs.  Muscular and toned legs provide an athletic look.
  • Deltoid Implants – Available for males.  Deltoid augmentation provides a greater symmetry between arms.  Like the biceps implants, they provide a more muscular appearance.
  • Hip & Thigh Implants – Available for females.  Recommended if you are very thin and do not have the muscular structure and enough fat for body contouring.
  • Pectoral Implants – Available for males.  Pectoral augmentation is ideal for men that want to show their upper torso. Ideal to provide a strong, proud and sexy appearance.
  • Triceps Implants – Available for males.  Tricep augmentation enhances the muscular look of the arms.  They are recommended along with biceps and triceps implants to provide a strong appearance.

Requesting your Firmquote™

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Scheduling your Teleconsultation

Teleconsultation is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to connect you with your Surgeon abroad.  You can read much more about it in my article: How to be Ready for your Teleconsultation.  Once you have requested your firmquote, you will be offered a teleconsultation via zoom, meet, whatsapp or signal.  Depending on your specific case, it may be complimentary or it may have a cost.  It is fun and you will have the opportunity to address any concerns or doubts you may have.  Go for it !