The nose is the center of the face and the most protruding part.  Usually the nose is largerin men than women.  Changing the size and shape of it can make a significant impact on your appearance. Reshaping the nose is one of the most challenging procedures.  You need to choose a real artist with many surgeries under his/her belt to perform this procedure.  Having realistic expectations about the outcome is also very important.  Remember that depending on your specific case, your surgeon will explain what is best for you.


In this procedure the nose is reshaped by making changes to its cartilaginous and bony framework.   It can be done by removing or adding either both.   The cartilage can also be sutured to reshape the nose.   Adding cartilage is also another option or fracturing the nose to straighten it.    Various techniques are available to change the structure and function of the nose.   Whether you want to enhance the tip of your nose, make it bigger or smaller, let your surgeon know so he can study all the possibilities.


A deviated septum may be the cause of impaired breathing.  Septoplasty is a functional procedure.  It straightens the internal nasal septum and breathing is improved.   You may be wondering if this procedure is better performed by an Otorhinolaryngologist.   The answer is yes and no.  ONT’s are the primary option for this kind of procedure.  But, nowadays, Cosmetic Surgeons are more than capable to perform this procedure successfully.  We at Moviestar Makeovers recommend cosmetic surgeons because of their amazing results.


This is the combination of the two procedures.  Both internal and external nose are treated.  Combining the creation of a more aesthetically refined nose along with providing functional benefits for breathing is a real challenge. Natural looks and improving function is the goal of the cosmetic surgeon.   And whenever you ask them about this procedure, they will tell you that it is one of the most rewarding of all because you will definetely reap the benefits of looking good and breathing normally.

Below is an animation by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) where you can see more in detail the nose reshaping. Just click on the link:

ASPS Rhinoplasty Animation

It is of the utmost importance that you have your Nose Reshaping with a double board certified surgeon who is has plenty of experience.  You need a real artirst to perform this procedure, because you deserve the best.

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