Booking Your Surgical Holiday

Please complete the following online booking form to confirm your booking for your holiday and treatments. Please make sure you have requested a firmquote within 12 months of your surgery date.

Request a Firmquote

Your surgeon/specialist will review your medical and confirm suitability for the procedures and a confirmed price. You do not need to have your flights booked to reserve your surgery/treatments date(s), as long as you have booked an accommodation package or provided a refundable deposit (own accommodation).  Surgery dates can be changed with no penalty. All people having surgery is required to fill in the following forms. If you are travelling with another who is having surgery, please ensure that you both complete a seperate booking form.  Large groups will be managed directly by your booking manager.

IMPORTANT! Please read carefully:

All bookings must be accompanied by a deposit or payment for an accommodation package, which can be paid online by credit card or direct transfer. The balance of your payment for your surgery can be to Gorgeous Getaways in escrow or paid directly to the hospital or clinic.  If you want us to pay your surgery in advance, please make sure you send your payment at least 30 days prior.  We accept all forms of payments including credit cards and wire transfers. If your payment is not available on surgery day, your surgery will be cancelled or postponed. If you have any questions please ask your booking manager, or email [email protected]