Standard Service Package*

  • Are you on a strict budget but still want a certain level of support? Have you travelled outside the country previously?
  • Are you only having 1 procedure?
  • re you independent and only want the minimal level of services? Are you bringing a support person?

If you answered mainly “YES” to the above, then the Standard package is best for you.

Services: included in the Standard service package*

* Included in the booking of an accommodation package

1. Sales and pre/post arrival service: answering questions, arranging appointments and sending you your itinerary, receipt and pre-departure information. Telephone and email contact to answer all your enquiries
2. Arrival/Departure: Airport transfers to and from your hotel.
3. Pre-surgery:

  • Pre-consultation with the surgeon
  • Transfer to the hospital for admission
  • ransfer back to the hotel after discharge

4. Post-surgery:

  • Daily check-up by your Booking Manager
  • All transfers to / from the hospital for follow up consultations, as necessary
  • All transfers to / from dentist and other non-surgical appointments if arranged with MOM.

Price: this service package is already included in the accommodation price that we quote you.