Ultimate Makeovers

Change your body in 21 to 31 days and change your life forever!

Want a complete makeover on your face and body? Want to feel and look the best you ever could?

The ravages of weight loss, ageing and pregnancy often leaves bodies with excess skin and wrinkles that cannot be dieted or exercised away. Even after you have put in the time and tears into weight loss the skin still remains, but surgery can provide the “icing on the cake” to remove excess skin and turn back the clock.Our highly experienced surgeons, medical team and hospital specialises in multiple procedures and we have had much successful body and face makeovers.

Now, the Ultimate Makeover dream is within your reach. Look and feel younger, more vibrant and sexier and turn back the clock– all in 3 weeks!

You may choose from several experienced surgeons in various locations we recommend for multiple procedures. 

Ultimate Makeover Packages

Ultimate makeovers are only offered in a few destinations due to the complexity of having multiple surgeries in one visits. Body lifts are often the most requested packages following excess weight loss. For ultimate makeovers we recommend adding the extra care or platinum service package. 
Example of packages are:
  • Multiple procedures – 1 surgery – Breast lift (incl. implants) + Full Abdominoplasty + (Tummy Tuck) + Arm lift + Thigh lift
  • Multiple procedures – 2 surgeries – Surgery 1: Full Facelift (lower facelift, includes upper and lower eye lift, and Neck lift) + Breast lift (incl. implants). Surgery 2: Full Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) + Arm lift + Thigh lift
Packages are based on two parts, the surgery cost + the accommodation package. We recommend you stay a minimum of 21 days to 31 days for a ultimate makeover packages. On booking only the accommodation package is due The hotel may be in a foreign currency so we will convert it for you in in your preferred currency in your preferred currency.

Accommodation Package (pay on booking) + Surgical package (pay on arrival)

A deposit is required if you prefer to book your own accommodation, with the balance due on arrival.

Ultimate Makeover Pricing

Ultimate Makeover packages can vary by price depending on types of procedures selected as part of your package or whether you select an existing package already created by the surgeon. Often pre-built surgical packages can be much cheaper than seperate procedures.
Ultimate Makeover are custom packages and can be priced by:
Package prices will vary based on all these factors and what is recommeded for you by the surgeon to achieve the best results for you. You can review pre-packaged mommy makeover pricing below. Your surgery can be paid directly on arrival, or we can keep it in escrow and pay the surgeon prior to your arrival.  Your booking manager can assist with this.

Accommodation Packages & Pricing

We offer flexibility in the accommodation type for budget – 3 stars, superior – 4 starspremium hotel – 5 stars, or premium+.  We also can cater to large groups. We expect excellent reviews from our partner hotels/apartments for all range types, and offer several choices in each destination. You do not need to stay the entire time in one accommodation and can change this once you have your post surgery consultation which is generally 4-5 days after surgery.

Accommodation Package Guidelines

TypeNights Accommodation
Budget$875$1,750$2,625$3,875ask usask us
Standard$1,050$2,100$3,150$4,650ask usask us
Premium$1,225$2,450$3,675$5,425ask usask us
Premium+$1,400$2,800$4,200$6,200ask usask us

Procedure Pricing
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PLUS: Accommodation packages incudes all standard services;

Full service during your holiday, including all transfers to/from the airport, hotel and hospital.

Prices include the standard service package and inclusive of below :

  • Dedicated booking manager to assist in pre, during, and post care support
  • Private Hospital Fees, Anesthetist, Theatre and Surgery, Pathology, X-ray fees
  • 1 in a single, private room at the hospital (varies by destination and procedures)
  • All-inclusive treatments e.g. bandages, dressings
  • Any prescribed medications for 5 days
  • 24 hour on-call post-operative care
  • Pre and Post-surgery consultations by your surgeon, as necessary
  • 7 nights package accommodation in your chosen accommodation package
  • Transfers to/from the hospital and airport/hotel

PLUS: No extra accommodation or service charges for the second person. All other charges apply.

Popular optional treatments that can be done with your liposuction:

  • Fraxel or CO2 Laser Peels to rejuvenate the face
  • Botox to smooth out lines around the brow and eyes

*Please note:

  • Prices are indications only and can change depending on the exchange rate of the day. Accurate quotes are given to you on enquiry.
  • The actual price paid in your currency cannot be guaranteed as it depends on the exchange rate of the day.
  • You will pay for your accommodation direct to Moviestar Makeovers on booking, and for your surgery to the hospital, after your consultation therefore the package prices above will be split into these 2 payments.
  • Prices for accommodation and surgery can change or be updated at any time and we cannot guarantee the price you pay until your booking. Once you have made your booking, the price will be guaranteed but until then, the prices quoted above can fluctuate at any time.
  • Smoking can cause delayed recovery, wound breakdown and increased risk of infection. We strongly recommend that you stop smoking 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery.
  • You may be denied surgery if you smoke and please note the MM Guarantee is void for smoker.

Next Steps:

Complete a firmquote request and let us know what is important for you and what destination you are interested in.  We will provide you with package options.  Once you have completed a firmquote we can submit your information to other hospitals for comparison so you can make the best decision for you.  As you will be paying for your surgery on arrival you can change your options following consultation with your surgeon.

Procedure Pricing
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Due to the COVID Pandemic we will be reviewing all contracted partner hotels to ensure they comply with current requirements.