Precious is booked for the last week of March 2021 at Galenia Hospital (JCI) in Cancun, MX.  She became part of the Moviestar Makeovers family last year ! This lady is very intelligent.  Since the very beginning she asked loads of questions about the surgeons and the hospital.  We definietely encourage our patients to make informed decisions.  I answered all her questions and also suggested a teleconsultation.  Precious agreed to meet her surgeon, the famous Dr. Alicia Benavides, who will perform her surgery along with Dr. Nain Maldonado.

Dr. Alicia Benavides

Dr. Alicia Benavides was born in beautiful Argentina.   Years later, she came to Mexico where she graduated as a Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon.  Then she started her outstanding career under the wing of Dr. Ortiz-Monasterio, worldwide known as the “Father of Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico”.  She is highly respected in Cancun, well known as the pioneer and founder of the Medical School Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of the state of Quintana Roo.

Teleconsultation Process

Cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Benavides are usually very busy.  Dr. Benavides prefers to use whatsapp for her teleconsultations and Precious agreed to that.  They had a long talk and Precious knew that she was the perfect surgeon for her !  Her words were: “She is awesome”.  Dr. Benavides also advised her to schedule another telecon in the next months to monitor how her body is evolving after weight loss surgery.

Last December Precious scheduled her second teleconsultation.  This time to talk about some other surgery corrections as well as her weight loss development.  Dr. Benavides was very happy to hear about her and of her progress (she has lost around 100 punds so far !).  She recommended to schedule another consultation on the first week of March to check what needs to be done to enhance Precious silohuette, and these are her words:

“So far this experience has been a dream. Excellent communication, top knowledge and unmatched support.  You guys ROCK !”

On our behalf we are so happy to have such a wonderful patient, and we are really looking forward to having her in Cancun !

Deluxe Service Program

Precious decided to take advantage of this program that includes all the transportation from/to airport, hospital and hotel, as well as preop and postop consultations, personal nurse for the night at the hospital, concierge services, antibiotics and pain killers.   She is prepared to experience a memorable and exciting cosmetic journey.  And we will make sure of it !

Requesting your Firmquote™

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Scheduling your Teleconsultation

As you can see, teleconsultation is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to connect you with your Surgeon abroad.  You can read much more about it in my article: How to be Ready for your Teleconsultation