Breast Implants

Types of Breast Implants


Silicone is the most popular implant. The advantage of this type of implant is that they feel natural, and have a much lower tendency to ripple.In the past there have been fears that implants made with silicone lead to breast cancer plus connective diseases, but a large amount of research over the past 2 decades has shown no evidence of this. Silicone has been improved immensely and is now considered completely safe assurance and Medical Devices in Plastic Surgery (EQUAM) published research results from a study they did, and stated that there is no undeniable proof that silicone implants cause any diseases. Consider this; it is a well-known fact that women get more silicone from applying their lipstick and beauty creams than from their breast implants.


Saline implants used to be very popular, mainly before silicone was approved by the FDA in USA. Saline is made up of a weak salt solution similar to body fluids. The advantage is that they can fit through a much smaller incision, but saline has its disadvantages – because they are made of water – they can ripple – our surgeons do not recommend them but will order them on a requested basis if our clients insist on them.

Shape and size

There are two different types of implants – these are commonly known as round or anatomical (pear shaped). The silicone can be softer or firmer according to your requirements. The surgeon will assess you by taking into consideration your current size and shape and will then guide you as to which shape is best for you based on what results/look you are wanting to achieve

When requesting a Firmquote, you can request the type and size of implant you are looking for.  However, don’t be suprised if your surgeon recommends something else that may compliment your body type better.  The final decision is always up to you.