Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

How to choose the right plastic surgeon
Deciding on cosmetic surgery is a major, life-changing decision and choosing the right plastic surgeon is equally important.

The most important factor in the success of your surgery and your experience on a surgery holiday is the surgeon that you choose. A surgeon should be chosen not simply on their credentials, experience and education, but also their flexibility, attitude and communication. Surgery and recovery can be a long road, and you need someone who will be approachable, warm and willing to help you throughout your journey.

To choose your plastic surgeon, do some background research. The best research you can do is independent. It is not advisable to make your decision based solely on the number of years experience or letters after their name. Although this can be impressive, the surgeon can lack vital qualities in other areas, such as attention to detail.

Steps to find your best surgeon Get referrals
We advise all new and potential patients to do is to speak with past patients of the surgeon. At any time, we can supply you with contact information of past clients who have done similar procedure/s of those you’re considering. It is this objective and independent voice who can help answer all your questions honestly, and tell you straight about their experience with the surgeon and their results.

View our reviews from previous clients here.

Ask for photos
Another way you can choose a surgeon is through examining photos. However, beware that many operators and surgeons can edit the photos and take them months after surgery. Almost all the photos that GG takes are from 1 week to 1 month after surgery (while clients are still in our care) and show all the bruising and swelling that is left in this time.

It is our goal to give you an objective view of results, so you develop healthy and realistic expectations of what surgery can do for you.

Cross check qualifications
All our destinations have their own governing medical board. For the surgeon of your choice, you may find the relevant medical board of the particular destination to furnish you with details on the surgeon’s background, including training, experience and malpractice claims (if any). Many surgeons in Costa Rica studied in the US and returned to Costa Rica to practice, so it’s not unusual to hold memberships to the medical boards of both countries. The medical board in Malaysia, for example, is based on the British system, therefore similar standards are set for the membership of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in that country.

Moviestar Makeovers have already spent years of research on the surgeons that we work with, and we have investigated closely into their backgrounds and done the legal due diligence of their backgrounds, so this reduces a lot of the risk that comes with choosing a surgeon. However, we do recommend that you do your own background checks to ensure a stress-free experience throughout.

Research on experience and education
As important as board certification is the surgeon’s continuing medical experience. It is best to choose a surgeon who continues to develop his skills through many surgeries. Some surgeons choose to spend more time in conference lectures and writing papers, although on paper this is impressive, what is more important is the number of cases that the surgeon has done. However it’s also worthwhile to consider if the surgeon has a good balance of practical surgery and conferences/writing papers.

The surgeons that we recommend have operated on many hundreds of patients with a variety of procedures to give them great experience and knowledge.

Internet beware
Beware of choosing a surgeon off the internet, as many false claims are made in regards to qualifications or experience.

The best surgeons don’t advertise or market themselves, as they are already booked up with existing patients. The surgeons we use do not have websites and do not advertise for this reason, we discovered them through referrals and recommendations.

Surgeon’s hospital privileges
All the surgeons we recommend are permanent residents at the hospitals. Having hospital privileges means the surgeon is subject to approval by a body of his or her peers. This is a very important point because many surgeons have operating rooms in their own offices or other small out of hospital areas. In these environments safety can be markedly compromised because in a hospital, doctors are usually not allowed to perform procedures they are not qualified for.

Attitude and personality
This is an extremely important and often neglected point to choose the best surgeon for you. Surgery and the recovery process is often an emotional road, and you need a surgeon who will have the time for you when you want to discuss and answer your questions.

We only work with surgeons who are professional, flexible and sensitive to international clients. Flexibility is an important point as your holiday is a fixed amount of time, so therefore you need a surgeon who will work flexible or different hours to suit you.

Last tips and suggestions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how trivial or how personal you think they’ll sound. Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘dumb’ question.

To get more information on the exact surgery treatments you are considering, please send through photos. The information you receive:

  • will offer alternatives, where appropriate, without pressuring you to consider unnecessary procedures.
  • will welcome questions about their professional qualifications, experience, costs, and payment policies.
  • will make clear not only the risks of surgery but possible variations in outcome.
  • will go over the postoperative instructions in order for you to achieve the best results. Aftercare is as important as your surgery and the plastic surgeon who performs it.
  • will outline the exact prices for your surgery and holiday, with no hidden or extra charges.

Making your choice
If you have:

  • sked all the questions from us and your surgeon
  • Checked his credentials, spoken with past clients
  • Viewed before/after photos
  • Have realistic expectations for the surgery

Chances are very good that you’ll be happy with the outcome of your plastic surgery because client satisfaction and safety are also OUR top priorities.

For any questions at all, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at Moviestar Makeovers. We are completely independent, and are not paid by any one surgeon or hospital, which allows us to freely choose the best surgeons and hospitals based on their experience and record of results.

We encourage you to call the surgeon to ask any questions on any surgery treatments, and also view testimonials from clients.