Cosmetic Surgery and Dental in Australia

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Cosmetic Surgery and Dental in Australia

Moviestar Makeovers works with affordable high-quality healthcare providers in Australia. Australian residents can also choose to use their superannuation for certain procedures as well.

Medical tourists are motivated to seek cosmetic plastic surgery outside their area of residence by many factors, which include cost, time, regulation, medical preferences and availability, quality, leisure tourism, and information availability. We pride ourselves at Moviestar Makeovers in providing all the information you need to help you feel confident in your choice of destination for your cosmetic plastic surgery holiday in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and West Asia.

Read more in-depth information on this website about each of our destinations/surgeons/hospitals/accommodation and get a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE today, and start your communication with us about how we can help you book your dream surgery holiday.


In Australia, we have excellent Healthcare partners in:

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Queensland, Western Australia
  • More locations soon!


Please that the surgical results will vary by individual. Full results are not expected till 12 months following procedures.


To get started please join our free community online where you can access all healthcare provider information, current pricing, case studies, and speak live to a GG team member. 

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