Post Pregnancy Surgery

When everything goes south, literally, after childbirth, you’d be happy to know there are many surgery options for mums to look, feel and stay young. The cornerstone of the ‘Yummy Mummy’ philosophy.

While patients may be getting younger on the whole, the demand for postpartum plastic surgery or ‘Yummy Mummy’ has gone into an upswing since mid 21st century. Many patients have also opted for cosmetic genitoplasty or the ‘Designer Vagina’ which often includes modification of the labia minora or labia majora.

As the body grows to accommodate the baby, stretch marks may result but they often can be improved by self-massage while still in the ‘red phase’. Eventually, the scars will mature, turn white and slightly depressed. Some patients have reported success with creams or laser but the only consistently reliable way to remove them is to include them with the skin removed during tummy tuck surgery.

Weight gain should first be addressed by working with a primary care physician to establish a reasonable diet and exercise program. When that fails and there are localized fat deposits, liposuction then may be an option to recontour an area to more desirable proportions.

Before Breast Augmentation (A cup)

Before Breast Augmentation

Before Breast Augmentation (A cup)

Before Breast Augmentation

While overall weight gain may be a problem, the abdomen and breasts are two areas which are especially susceptible to significant changes. Stomach muscles may lose their tone after pregnancy because both muscles and skin have stretched to accommodate the baby. Many times these changes can, with a lot of exercise and self-massage by the mother, return to a normal state. Pregnancy also causes the breasts to enlarge. When they eventually shrink there may be extra skin and the breasts’ suspensory ligaments may stretch out of shape. In most cases, plastic surgery will not be needed.

Your own person
We hear all kinds of reasons why mommies put off cosmetic improvement. Some mothers are worried about taking time away from their hectic schedules to undergo a surgical procedure. Other women are worried about focusing on themselves, rather than their families.

Many of our patients find that it’s essential to do both: recognize that how you feel as a mom is integral to the strength of your family. It is simply not self-centered or vain to take care of yourself or to want to feel youthful, sexy and self-confident. Having a positive self image certainly benefits you, but it also can improve your interactions with loved ones. You may be a mommy, but never forget that you are still your own person.

Before Tummy Tuck

Before Breast Augmentation

After Tummy Tuck

After Breast Augmentation

“I wish everyone could have this experience of renewal. I’m like an old house that has been renovated or overhauled.” Read more.

Your considerations
Self-discipline is the key to any successful surgery – pre and post. Liposuction, for example, is not the answer if your BMI is well above 35. If the surgeon is going to suture your abdominal muscles and have you blow it without proper diet and exercise, why bother?To obtain the best results, we recommend that patients:

Achieve their desired target weight first
Make sure they are exercising at least 30 minutes per day: a minimum of 15 minutes of interval training and 15 minutes of resistance training, alternating different body parts, on different days of the week
Practice superb nutrition
Keep alcohol consumption at less than 2-3 drinks per week
Quit smoking
Establish a no-fail support system during the recovery period

The last criteria is critical. The biggest problem with mommies is that they don’t have time to take care of their babies or kids under 5, which means they can’t take care of themselves. Crucial recovery period takes place 2 weeks following surgery. It doesn’t make sense to be lifting, driving or doing chores around the house – it’ll just ruin your results.
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