Total Body Transformation

Feeling good
Lifestyle, diet, exercise are some of the prime contributors to looking and feeling good. While many people are opting for healthy options, sometimes it takes a lot of motivation or courage to make that first important step. For some, it could be a comfortable state of mind that they’re after, while for others, it’s the physical self that needs to prelude this state. They just need to look good first – in order to feel good.

There are many interpretations on ‘looking good’ but the importance of first impressions can never be overrated. If you have an issue with self esteem and confidence from not looking your utmost ‘best’, then it is time to consider a total – head to toe transformation.

Sagging skin from weight loss
After significant weight loss, the skin sags or rather HANGS because it is unable to tighten – a typically “unsightly” reminder of obesity. NO amount of diet and exercise will tighten skin as exercise never tightens skin, only muscles. The only way to “tighten” loose skin is through surgery. For yet others, folds of skin can cause more than cosmetic problems; rashes and severe discomfort often occur when folds of loose skin rub against each other.

A TUMMY TUCK will reduce or eliminate loose abdominal skin; an ARMLIFT for loose, hanging arm skin; for loose breast skin, a BREASTLIFT is highly beneficial; inner THIGHLIFT for loose inner thigh skin; and outer thigh and buttock lift for loose skin in those areas.

As overall skin become flaccid, the skin of your face will require attention as well. Cheek pads dropping, and jowls forming, resulting in the loss of a defined jaw line as some of the common problems. Combined with a loose and sagging neck, a full FACELIFT (includes a necklift) may be necessary.

Total body lift becomes a requirement when skin texture on the entire body has given up to stretching, particularly from weight loss or age. In all, most people choose the body lift surgery as it is a powerful boost to their appearance, self esteem, and long-term health.

Upper Body Lift
In this procedure, liposuction is used to remove the excess fat that remains after initial weight loss. Large amounts of skin are removed from the upper body and any more excess skin can be smoothed out. Once the contours have been refined, the skin is laid back into place and sutured.

With the skills of the surgeon, the incisions are kept discreet, though some scarring is inevitable with most forms of plastic surgery. The incision for the upper body lift circumferences the chest. Women can usually hide their scars underneath the breast folds and bras. For men, body hair may make the scar less noticeable.

Procedures that can be performed alongside the upper body lift:

Lower Body Lift
For the lower body, the surgery involves removing excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Liposuction is commonly performed to obtain the desired sillouette by firming up the waistline and buttocks before excess skin is removed.

Procedures that can be performed alongside the lower body lift:

Total body lifts are a combination of both upper and lower body lift but done in two separate surgeries.
Read Lisa’s inspirational story on her total body transformation after losing over 100kg.





An excerpt from her story: “It’s amazing how many people would like something fixed but want someone to have been there and done that before they try it. Well, I have and that’s why I say DO IT.”

What to expect
As with all surgery, scarring is imminent. The more skin that is removed, the more extensive the scars are. Depending on procedure, this can extend from along the lower abdomen, around the hips, and toward the buttock crease. There is another scar in each groin crease due to the inner thigh lift.

Though scar healing is completely individualistic, the transition towards feeling good about yourself is well worth it. Just remember to keep it real.

Risks and Complications
All surgery carries with it some risks, including possible infection, delayed wound healing, asymmetry, and other medical complications. It is important to follow all instructions and advice given to you by the surgeon before and after the surgery. Please read the preconditions and risks page before embarking on any surgery.

Enquire with us today and you could soon be on the path to looking and feeling good!