Procedures: Facelift, Necklift, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation
Cost of holiday: Approximately $20,000 AUD inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 21 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home $40,000 AUD+

Raewyn’s surgery made her look sexier, younger and definitely happier in a bikini!











This is her story:

Half-price surgery, full price results
I had considered plastic surgery for quite a few years as after having 5 children. My tummy was wrinkled around the belly button and my breasts were saggy. I felt the lines on my face made me look older than I really was.

I guess I was bothered most about my face as you can cover up your body with clothes. I had previously had a mini facelift that went wrong, the Dr in Australia accidentally cut my nerve and although it has almost repaired, the final results of my surgery were not very good.

I chose to have plastic surgery as I know no amount of moisturizer was going to turn the years back on my face plump up my breasts or get rid of the wrinkles around my belly button.

My face bothered me the most I hated looking at my wrinkles in the mirror every morning.

I checked out the prices to have the surgeries done in Kuala Lumpur and was really supervised how much cheaper it was and as we wanted an overseas holiday decided to go ahead and get it all done. I got my surgeries and a holiday for half the price.

I chose Moviestar Makeovers as I had done a lot of research and felt that they were a very credible company and they had really great reviews from previous clients.

I was not nervous at all just really excited about the surgeries. I told all my friends and some of my work colleagues. 

When I first met Dr Wong, I was a little uncomfortable as his manner was very abrupt with me and also with his staff. But I soon realized that he was very competent and that put me at ease.

The hospital I used was an older one which they were in the process of doing up, but the staff were lovely and looked after me really well.

The Moviestar Makeovers support staff were fabulous and very caring.

I wasn’t really nervous about my procedures, just more excited. I was a little nervous for my facelift as my previous mini face lift had gone wrong. I put my faith in Dr Wong as I knew he was a very skilled surgeon. It was good to have all my operations over and done with and after everything went successfully I was able to relax.

I spent two days in hospital. 

With having three procedures, it took longer for me to recover than if I had only had one. The tummy tuck tuck took me longest to recover from. I spent about 5 days just relaxing in bed and reading books letting my body really recover. I got up for short walks around my hotel room.

I would recommend that people listen to there bodies and don’t push themselves to do too much to soon, but give there bodies time to heal. I got several massages from the Moviestar Makeovers girls which were divine. My husband and children came over with me and we got together for a lunch with some other Moviestar Makeovers clients which was really nice and great to talk to other ladies who had surgeries.

I was really excited to go home and show my new face and body off. I felt really confident and was so happy with the results. 

I feel really great about my new look and so many people have commented and told me how good I look.

I feel my life has improved because I feel sexier and younger and my clothes look better on me now with a bigger bust. I am very slim so my new breasts give me more shape.

I have always believed anything is possible but having a tighter firmer look in my face and body just makes me feel younger and happy with myself. I am happy to walk around in a bikini now.

My recommendations
My advice to someone considering having any of these procedures is go for it. You won’t regret it.

I went and spoke to a couple of surgeons over here to get opinions then chose to have it done in Malaysia because they are just as qualified as our Dr’s and only charge half the price.

Choosing Moviestar Makeovers means you also get great service and support . They organise all your appointments with the surgeon for you and take you to and from these appointments and to your surgery. They are really caring which is nice when you are in a foreign country.

I would 100% recommend Moviestar Makeovers to anyone.

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*These case studies are actual feedback that patients have provided and the photos have not been digitally enhanced. Every patient is an individual and therefore results will vary from patient to patient.