About the Program

As a member of Moviestar Makeovers you are eligible to receive a cashback reward that can be used as a discount to an existing booking, or as a cash incentive for referring any friends or family to Moviestar Makeovers. The rewards amount is based on 2% of the total booking amount for per one (1) successful referral.

Referral Procedure

To ensure that you are paid for referring customers to GG, please do the following:

Program Summary

  • You become eligible for incentive once the referred member has surgery. GG will pay referral fees once a month (so add together all your referral members in that month and pay in 1 fee at the end of the month if you’re opting for cash). NOTE: Moviestar Makeovers do not set any minimum referral threshold amounts before payment is permitted. This means that you receive your payment each month for 1 new referral or over.
  • Once a month, we will send a summary of all your referrals made year to date.
  • All cash payments through the program shall be made online through email transfer. You can then nominate where to receive the amount.
  • A referral member is exclusive to only 1 member referral. If another member has already claimed the Referral, then you will not be eligible for a referral fee. Members are referred on a first-come/first-served basis. If you are unsure of a members status or if you will be paid for a referral member, please contact us.
  • Moviestar Makeovers reserves the right to alter, modify or cancel this program at anytime.

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions on payments, or process please contact GG Rewards Programs Manager – Juliana DeSilva at [email protected]