Media Release 30 October 2015

When looking for a safe place for Plastic Surgery, look no further than Moviestar Makeovers. Moviestar Makeovers partner with over 20 Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons in Thailand, who operate at International ISO accredited hospitals.

With all the recent bad publicity on the Sydney and Parramatta Cosmetic Surgery Clinics where unqualified surgeons (as in not Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons) are performing surgery, and making mistakes that they try to hide behind the statement of this being ‘recognised complications of surgery’- with over 60 reported botched cases, this is a company to avoid when looking for a respectable plastic surgeon.

An alternative is to look at a trustworthy company like Moviestar Makeovers, who only partner with Senior Reconstructive Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons and who have 1000’s of past clients whose testimonials and before and after photos you can see on their website. Moviestar Makeovers is the company to go to for your overseas surgery holiday. Choose either the fantastic destination of Bangkok or Phuket.

Moviestar Makeovers long history in the Medical Tourism industry is unsurpassed. The company first started in 2004 and was a pioneer in the industry being the first to set up a facilitator/concierge company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to cater for clients going overseas for plastic surgery. The company then opened up in Phuket where they now work with PIAC (Phuket International Aesthetics Clinic) and Phuket Bangkok Hospital. Each of these Hospitals have 6 Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons, who will join forces together when all 12 surgeons move to the new 30,000ft facility that will be opening December2015/January 2016. This new facility will be known as PPSI (Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute), and is State-of-the-Art. This facility is the new home to all 12 Cosmetic/Plastic surgeons from both of the above hospitals and has been built on the same site as the current hospital – PIAC.

For those that prefer a busy, exciting city, then Bangkok is the place to go for Cosmetic/Plastic surgery. At Yahnee International Hospital there are 16 Board Certified surgeons who all have a long history of satisfied Cosmetic surgery patients from Australia, New Zealand and UK.

It is important to note that we are not a cut-price operator, and we will never sacrifice quality for low price. Our packages and services will give you new energy and confidence, which comes from both inside and outside changes. Our philosophy is to care for the whole mind, body and spirit, to ensure you go home not only looking your best ever, but also feeling your best ever.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about surgery, we’re happy to discuss them with you.