From: Queensland, Australia. Procedures: Susan- upper blepharoplasty, mid/lower face lift, neck lift, under chin muscle tightening. Kelvin- direct brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket, Thailand. Surgeon: Dr Pirinya.

This is Susan’s second trip to Phuket with Moviestar Makeovers. She was so pleased with the results from her first trip (a Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr Pirinya) that she decided to travel back to Phuket, and this time with her husband Kelvin in tow.

“I didn’t have to do anything other than book my hotel, Moviestar Makeovers did everything for me”.

In the years leading up to her procedure, Susan had been maintaining her youthful features through Jevederm fillers. But this was proving to be expensive and time consuming. She decided that a face lift would be a far more cost effective, and longer lasting option,

After her first trip with Moviestar Makeovers she discovered that the experience was consistent with the positive reviews she had read online, throughout her stay she felt safe, and well looked after.

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We spoke to a slightly swollen, but satisfied Susan nine days after her procedure.

“The care I received from Dr Parinya and everyone involved was first class. I cannot begin to fault it, it was as good as any other experience I have had in Australia. Fabulous”.

She was enjoying her time resting and relaxing in Phuket, and was delighted with the service she had received.

“I would absolutely recommend Moviestar Makeovers, they were very supportive. It felt like someone was holding my hand the whole way I really didn’t have to think about anything other than booking my flight. They take care of all the communication with the hospital. Everything is organised by Moviestar Makeovers”.

Back home in Queensland, Susan and Kelvin were eager to share their experience. And to reassure those who had concerns about going overseas for surgery.

“We’ve both experienced what it’s like, and we’re not silly people. We went into it in a lot of detail. It’s so much cheaper, there’s no compromise on the surgeons skills or the cleanliness of the hospital. You go in with a company like Moviestar Makeovers who are there holding your hand basically, it’s a no brainer. You’re chaperoned the whole way, there’s nothing to worry about”.


“I would never contemplate having it done in Australia, it’s too expensive and the surgeons overseas have the same qualifications, they respect that you are leaving home and putting your trust in them”.

Although Susan and Kelvin travelled to Phuket together, Susan feels if she went on her own she would have the support of the surgeon and the Moviestar Makeovers rep, and both Susan and Kelvin found the facilities and the staff to be excellent, and the co-ordination impeccable.

“There were never any hiccups, if you have to go to the pharmacy you’re not left hanging around waiting for someone to pick up the next part of the jig saw puzzle. You don’t have to think, someone else is doing the worrying, all the scheduling”.

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